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Daddy-In-Training: Baby Wearing

apollo with baby in sling


Adalia with Apollo in Ergo

Tilly Apollo Ergo

Adalia carrying Apollo in the Sling

Enoch carrying baby brother Apollo in sling.

Me carrying newborn Apollo in sling.

I wonder where he gets it from…


  1. Brianna Graber

    I don’t comment often (though I read everything!) but this post is the bomb. Love, love, love all the baby carrier pictures with the different people. 🙂 I’m an avid babywearer myself….I love experimenting with different carriers. Hooray for babywearing!

  2. Elena

    😮 I know it’s been said before, and you’ve even posted a comparison, but I am just astounded by how much Apollo and Adalia look alike! Adorable all around. Your children grow lovelier all the time!

  3. Merriann

    I’m glad you posted the picture of you at the end. I was beginning to think you never get to hold him. 😉 Good thing he’s nursing!

  4. Lou

    He is beautiful. And every time I see photos of him being held and loved by his siblings, I feel warm and good and happy. For him and for the world.

  5. Josiane Bergeron-Lord

    With your kids learning so much about baby care and early childhood development, I get the feeling you’ll be a very happy and busy grandmother someday. What a family you have!

  6. Corrie

    Wow! So cute. I love the picture with Apollo asleep. Poor baby.
    Why is it so hard to get hubbies to wear babies? :o) I’m glad to see you are training your kids early.

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