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How Hard Can it Be to Take the Kids to the Dentist?

How Hard Can it Be to Take the Kids to the Dentist? Large family life.

I mean, really, how hard can it be to take your child to the dentist?


Let me tell you just how hard it can be.

Apollo in 2017

Once upon a time (last spring), Chuck was irritated that I had not taken our little lambs into the dentist for check-ups. Being the Kind and Helpful Husband that he is, he scheduled check-ups for the kids over spring break. I, of course, ended up taking the kids. A perfectly fine division of labor if you ask me (I really hate making phone calls). Several kids had perfect teeth. Several had cavities and needed return visits.



Recently Chuck was irritated again when he realized I had not taken the children back in to get fillings. But, may I remind you (and him) that I was busy this summer. My hubby was spent well over a year working over two hours away. We have ABA therapists in our house five days a week. My son with autism doesn’t attend school.

I was busy.


So, I finally made an appointment for Jubilee to get her cavities filled.


Nothing is ever that easy in my life. Ever.

Her appointment was scheduled for two o’clock in the afternoon. I knew there was a good chance my son wouldn’t go to school that day, so I took Boy Scout motto (Be Prepared) to heart and had arrangements for a friend to come to hang out with my son if he didn’t go to school. And he didn’t.  In addition to that, he was having a really bad day with his ABA therapist and I realized I couldn’t actually leave. So, I  asked my friend to take Jubilee to the dentist.


Jubilee came home in high spirits. Emphasis on the high. It turns out she loves nitrous. She told us tales of blissful dental work and said twice she tried to say, “I love you” to the dentist but found it challenging with hands and dental equipment in her mouth.

And that is probably all for the best.


How Hard Can it Be to Take the Kids to the Dentist? Large family life.

She woke up the next morning looking like this.

I decided to give it some time before I called the dentist (phone aversion syndrome is real). She stayed home from school, iced her face, took ibuprofen and did her homework. When she woke up the next morning, it was no better. So I called the dentist and he said I needed to bring her in to have it looked at.

How Hard Can it Be to Take the Kids to the Dentist? Large family life.

But, once again, I couldn’t take her. This time, due to our ABA schedule. So once again, my friend came to the rescue. This time she picked up Jubilee and dropped her off at my parent’s house. My parents then took her to the dentist. The dentist was kind enough to show my mom the actual hole Jubilee bit through her cheek. And he prescribed her Special Cream and antibiotics. Which had to be picked up at the pharmacy.


And she needs a follow-up appointment in a week.

So, how hard can it be, to take a child to the dentist, you ask?


Really hard.

How Hard Can it Be to Take the Kids to the Dentist? Large family life.

And now I leave you with this fun meme Kalina made.

Because sometimes it’s better to laugh than cry.



  1. Sally

    I hate nitrous! And apparently it makes my oldest puke, which we did not discover until there was a huge mess all over the dentist office :/ But I am glad Kalina likes it 🙂

    • Renee

      I love nitrous. BUT I once puked on my dentist TWICE in the same visit from too much nitrous. The sad part is, he cut me off after that. 😉

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