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Hey, There, Bloggness My Old Friend…

Great Wolf Lodge tips for large families.

Enoch and Percival. Uncle and nephew.

I am missing both of these guys. Enoch is away at his first year of university and Percival is back home in New Zealand. But, oh my, how precious this photo of Enoch and Percy together? Enoch was only ten when Apollo was born, but he was one of baby Apollo’s biggest fans and was so good at calming him down.

Enoch and Apollo in 2011. 

Enoch has always been amazing with babies. He is going to make an amazing father one day (if he chooses that path).

We have been having CRAZY unseasonably warm weather. It has been in the high 40’s and low 50’s. In January. Frodo and I have been taking full advantage of this heat wave.

I have been working hard to get myself outside and Frodo has been working hard to sniff every inch of our road.

I have been forcing myself to let the paltry Pacific Northwest sunshine on the few inches of face I expose to the sun. This time of year I add one addition to my usual uniform (wool socks, Birkenstocks, jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie) and that is a warm hat.

So yeah, not much skin showing.

This blog has been quiet because I am fighting my usual nemesis, fatigue. I am working so hard on my health right now. I am nourishing my body with good foods, working on getting good sleep, taking vitamins and my medication. I am drinking plenty of water and exercising daily. But still, fatigue plagues me like a toddler who knows you have to pee but won’t let go of your leg.

Thankfully, I have these bright, cheery faces to wake up to every morning. (Who am I kidding? Obviously, I am awake long before these two…they have my face to wake up to). 

I am doing a photo a day project again this year. I have failed miserably in the past, but this year it is iPhone only, so I am optimistic. I love capturing these daily scenes. Every photo in this post (with the exception of the top two with Enoch) were taken with my phone.

I have a bunch of blog posts in the draft phase. I am writing about how I am managing self-care this year, how I am working on sleep, and more. So have no fear, blog posts are in the works.

I just need to wake up first.




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