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Missing Richard and Aerobics After Dinner

Post contains affiliate links.Recently, while searching for new podcasts to listen to, I stumbled on Missing Richard.

Missing Richard tells the story of Richard Simmons and his mysterious disappearance from the public eye…On Feb 15th, 2014 after hosting weekly workouts at his Slimmons studio for 40 years he suddenly stopped appearing.

He left no explanation to his friends, students, or staff. He was just gone. Its a great podcast (and if you have any interest, whatsoever, in Richard you should listen to it). But listening to the podcast made me start thinking about my love of Richard Simmons and, you know, that one year I homeschooled and spent my mornings Sweating to the Oldies with my mom.

That trip down memory lane led to a search on Amazon for Sweating to the Oldies. When I casually mentioned to my mom that I planned to buy the Sweating to the Oldies DVD she told me she had one I could borrow. And so I did.

I thought that I might be able to convince Kalina to do it with me… Or maybe Apollo… Or if not with Apollo, maybe while he played with LEGO…  Or I could do it the two days a week he has school… What I didn’t anticipate was the reaction of my kids when they first caught sight of Richard.

As it turns out, when kids see a DVD with a man with a large afro wearing teeny-tiny shorts and a sparkly tank top, with shiny, shiny legs, it sparks their interest. Everyone wanted to know where the DVD came from and why it was in our house.

Have you ever heard that theory that if you can’t get your kids to eat veggies, you should prepare some, make a big deal about it, and say they are only for grown-ups? Then serve it once or twice to just your husband and yourself… Let the anticipation build before finally letting your kids eat it? Well, this is more or less what happened with Richard. My kids couldn’t let it go and couldn’t wait to watch the DVD.

And so, just like that, I had them hooked and they didn’t even know what Sweating to the Oldies was.

The night we popped in the DVD to start our first workout was amazing. The kids loved Richard immediately. Or if they didn’t love him, they were curious enough to keep watching. And sweating.

And that, my friends, is how we established the new routine of aerobics before bed in our house.

Seriously. Aerobics. Before bed.

One DVD led to another and now our evenings are spent with us gathered around the tv, sweating. Discussing the songs, laughing when we can’t figure out the moves, and coming up with our own nicknames for our favorite people in the videos.

And hey, there are worse ways to spend an evening together.



  1. guidetograssandguns

    That is hilarious! I had some friends once who were family of teenage girls-6 of them. They were skirt wearers. It made me laugh when I stayed at their house and found out that they liked to do workout videos together before bed, in their ankle length skirts with long flowing hair. It was a sight. :-D And very fun, with all the giggles.

  2. bemis

    I love this! When I was in high school, my mom and I had a short-lived tradition of working out to Jane Fonda records…definitely harder to figure out the moves!

    We’ve recently started a “math before bed” tradition, and by that I mean matchbook pages (Mathematical Reasoning). My son–who hates workbooks–recently started this as a way to stay up a bit later. Who am I to complain?! I don’t force him to do math workbooks, but he picked this one up and has enjoyed it…but only before bed!

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