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First Day of Spring!

spring, kool aid eggs, dyeing eggs with kool aid

Who cares that it is pouring down rain? Who cares that its not even 50 degrees out (and my phone tells me it’s 73 and sunny in Houston, TX)? Who cares that we are trying to warm our house with a blazing fire in the woodstove? My calendar tells me it’s spring!

I have survived another winter.

egg hunt, large familyIn keeping with  tradition, we planned a little surprise for the children.

Tilly supplied us with Kool-Aid dyed eggs and Chuck provided us with Cadbury Chocolate Eggs.

large family blog

Enoch braved the rain to hide the eggs. Tilly helped Apollo hunt.large family blog,  tubie blog, tube fed blog, heart defect blog

Apollo immediately ripped the wrapper off of his Cadbury Egg and started eating it!

032013_0941 blog

032013_0957 blog

Apollo was delighted to discover that the colored eggs were real!

storyboard001 copy



Is anyone else celebrating today?


  1. Samantha

    My wife typically leads our “welcome spring” holiday (Ostara in her tradition) with egg dying, a special meal, and prayers to her gods.

    Given that its 32 degrees here and snowing (which is normal. We’ll have snow through April) its hard to get excited about Spring. But I have ordered seeds from Cooks Garden to plant with my daughter. As soon as they arrive we’ll have our own little garden of seedlings until the ground thaws to welcome them.

  2. Erica Sargent

    How fun! We will be celebrating tomorrow. We make bird’s nests (chow mein noodles stirred into melted butterscotch chips, formed into nest shapes and filled with jelly beans) and read scriptures of new things from God’s hands. I am so very thankful our Creator has made such wonders for His creation!

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