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Haircuts, Teens and Dreams

I had a horrible dream last night. And a wonderful dream. It’s afternoon and I still haven’t been able to shake the bad feelings. The feelings of horror and dread from the first dream and the sadness that the joy in my second dream isn’t real. Does that make sense? If not, it is probably the sleep deprivation talking. Apollo was up repeatedly in the night and tossed and turned in our bed. He had the dreaded leg cramps all of our children have suffered from at this age. 

Dream One: Chuck and two friends were accused of fraud and were facing potential jail time.

Dream Two: I had given birth to a baby boy….

I know why I had Dream One. Just before bed I was reading the memoir North of Normal* (affiliate link) and the part I am in now has a man breaking into homes and stealing things….

Dream Two? Who knows. I love babies but it is very unlikely any are in my future until the grandchildren come along…its just the dream was so real…and the joy tangible.  

And we all know lack of sleep is literal torture, so we’ll chalk it up to that. 

*North of Normal is an interesting read. This is the second time through for me. Due to the nature of the book, it does involve some sex (not detailed) and drug use, so just a heads up. Haircuts, Teens and Dreams: Life in a Large Family

I took Enoch for a haircut last night…this was only the second time in his life he has gotten a professional haircut. Last time he was six! I am the official hair cutter in the house (think of the thousands of dollars I have saved over the years!!!) but I wasn’t confident I could do exactly what Enoch wanted, so we left it in the very capable hands of Anna at Great Clips. Who is, by the way, ambidextrous. She held the clippers in her left hand and the scissors in her right hand. While I took numerous pictures of her butt…but I have a good explanation, really.

I wanted to get a few shots of Enoch getting his haircut, so I tried to turn the volume down on my iPhone so people wouldn’t hear the shutter click. What I didn’t realize was, holding the volume button down on the iPhone doesn’t turn the volume down but instead takes pictures in rapid succession…so as soon as I’m done here, I guess I’ll delete some very awkward photos. 

Haircuts, Teens and Dreams: Life in a Large Family

And here is the after shot…I only took a few photos and told Enoch I had to stop because he looks twenty in this photo and I just can’t handle it.

So tell me…how was your night? Any interesting dreams? How about haircuts? Home or professional? 


  1. Traci

    Since no one has shared their thoughts, I’ll share mine. No home hair cuts. But I have only two girls who like long hair! I don’t remember any dreams from last night but I didn’t sleep well mainly because it was very warm and we let the window open. At one point the frogs ( there is a small pond out side of our house) and the neighbor’s dogs were too much and I had to shut it.

  2. Kris

    Holy smoke he looks so much older with his new hair cut. As for hair cuts, we do both. My oldest gets his buzzed so I do cut it between visits to the barber because we procrastinate hair cuts in our house. Myself included.

  3. bemis

    Our oldest just got the first “real” haircut of our kids (he’s almost five). I’ve cut his hair in the past, decently enough, but not great. He now looks about six or seven which makes me almost cry (and I’m not a crier). The other part of it is that the hair stylist probably thought he’d been abused. Why? In the course of the two weeks leading up to the appointment he’d had four injuries to his face: ran into a dresser, face-planted in a parking lot, some sort of rash all over his chin (poison ivy? who knows), and then, literally ten minutes before leaving for the appointment, his sister threw a book at him and split his lip.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Of course!Those injuries always happen right before an appointment. We once had three sets of stitches in 10 days!

  4. Rose

    I believe in the US you can turn off the shutter noise in the phone settings 🙂 in some countries law mandates it’s impossible to turn off (Japan, Korea).

    I cut my husband and my own hair! I’m not sure how we’ll do it with future children though.

  5. sce

    He’s becoming quite handsome young man.

    FYI – A simple way to turn the shutter off temporarily is to switch the phone to silent/vibrate using the little switch on the side of the phone.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Ah, yes, that’s what I usually do. Unfortunately, I have a new case for my phone,and it is very difficult to turn it to silent/vibrate 🙁

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