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Spring, My Long-Lost Soulmate


Spring has arrived in full-force. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we never know quite what spring is going to bring for us. I have pictures of my kids playing on the Slip-n-Slide in the spring…and pics of my kids playing in the snow in the spring. 

This year spring has graced us with days ranging from warm to downright hot…it has been fabulous. Yes, we’ve had some cool, damp, rainy days, but I’ll take that over snow anytime. 


My children have wasted no time breaking out the shades, swimsuits and wading pool. 



Tucker mowed the lawn for the first time and realized just how hard the job is! It took all of his ten-year-old strength to push this baby across our overgrown, hilly lawn. 


Bikes and sunscreen…you bet. 

We’ve also made our first homemade ice cream of the year, pulled out the bikes and spent our after school hours lying on blankets in the sun. 

I love you spring! Especially this year. 

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