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In Fairness to My Children…

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Beautiful Avi, six years old

I shall share a time when I, too, said exactly the wrong thing…

I was seventeen years old, on my very first Teen Missions International team, in Tanzania, East Africa. We had two Tanzanian translators who came along with us on our presentations. One of the things we would do was make balloon animals for the children (though this was always just as big of a hit for the adults!) One of the coolest animals was "Jonah in the Whale". A balloon whale would be make and through twisting and pinching (after much practice) a small section of the balloon would actually come loose and move freely inside of the bigger structure. 

One afternoon, Augustino, one of our translators was practicing. He made a giraffe and then managed to get a little piece of ballon loose inside of that. He was showing it around and someone said, "look, the giraffe is pregnant" to which I responded, loudly and with great gusto, "Augustino's great…he can make anything pregnant!"

Umm, let's just say in that culture, in that place, it was awkward to say the least….

And lest you think I've matured into a sophisticated adult in all the intervening years, go read this.

Have a great Saturday…and keep your foot out of your mouth 🙂


  1. joabair

    Things like this happen to me still! I dont mean for them too. I recently had friends over for a work day and I did a open mouth insert foot and it was accidental, but honestly too embarrassing to post here. I had the same apology as usual, I am sorry I really am not all that mature and I didnt mean that the way it came out… its the best I can do!

  2. Crystal in Lynden

    I try desperately to keep my mouth shut but my foot keeps finding its way back in. Can we call it an Alaska thing? The positive spin on it could be “outspokenness.” 🙂

  3. Aunty Tara Bergeron

    Oh my problem too. Although I like to think over the years I have gotten much better and guarding what I say. But a couple months ago, while preaching my Pastor “found” a $5 bill in his pocket. He asked “Hey how’d this get here” Out of no where I blurrted out in front of the whole church “Oh I PUT it there!” His eyebrows raised….and he answered “ah Miss Tara I am not that kinda man” oh my goodness I could of crawled under a rock. In front of everyone. I was so into the preaching I forgot there was a crowd and I meant to say I “LOST” it but for some reason I didn’t.

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