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A couple of months ago Jubilee (8) came up to me and said, "Mom, you know how you're always saying, 'Ted Bundy said this' and 'Ted Bundy' said that?"

Ummm…no, I did not, in fact, recall walking around quoting any serial killers..Her statement disturbed me and it must have shown on my face because she kind of shrunk away and pouted. I tried to get her to tell me what she was going to say, but the doors of communication were closed at that point.

Weeks went by and one day she announced, "Oh, it's Gavin de Becker! That's who I meant to say you were always quoting". Whew…I was worried for a bit there.


Just this week in the kitchen Avi and I started talking about being mean. I pointed out that people don't want mean girls to be there friends and men don't want to marry mean ladies. Without skipping a beat, she said, "Yeah, they're not like, 'Hey, marry me you evil witch!'"


Recently Tucker was heard yelling, "Two drunk people killed a fox with machine guns!"


On his birthday he came up to me and said, "Birthdays are all about LEGO, right mom?"


Anything funny happening your way today?



  1. Julie

    My darling 7 year old is in public school. Today she brought home her Friday folder and I was going through all of her papers, when I came across a rhyming worksheet with a word marked wrong and several things written beside it. The word was corn. My dear child had put P O R N beside it. You could have blown me over! I calmly asked her what that word meant and she said, “You know Mom, like when you’re pourin’ cereal in a bowl.” Apparently we need to be more diligent with her grammar!! It took me awhile to recover from the shock of it all. Oh the thoughts you can race through when you are trying to figure out who on earth exposed your baby to adult material!!

  2. Emily

    That’s right Tucker!! Birthdays = LEGO
    After a whole day of running around the orchard, playing with his cousins, my brother (10) sinks down into the couch and announces, “well, that was accellerating” (he meant exhilarating)
    Over a month ago my Mum confiscated my other brother’s (15) soccer ball, because he left it in the kitchen after being told multiple times to put it away. She didn’t tell him she had taken it, she wanted to wait for him to ask for it. Anyway, the other night while doing the dishes I whispered to Mum and asked her if he had remembered what was in her closet. My brother then yells out from in the lounge, “don’t let her put anything dead in my closet!” He had misheard me. And he still hasn’t rememered his soccer ball, so it is still in the closet.
    Emily (in NZ)

  3. anya

    Recently lamenting how hard it is to get a book published my 7yo said to me, Mom you know it isn’t really about publishing the book. You need to sell it as a movie and hope LEGO will choose to market it. Thats where the money’s at. You need to get LEGO to make the figures.
    I had to agree. I had no I idea I had such a budding economist:)

  4. gabe

    We’re in the process of moving in, my daughter was helping me unpack my clothes and asked….
    “Mom, why do you have so much more clothes than dad?”
    To which I responded….
    “Well, I need to have Maternity summer and winter, nursing summer and winter, just had the baby summer and winter” Then I said… “and the not pregnant or nursing summer and winter”
    At that she got an odd look on her face and said “but Mom, you don’t ever wear those!”

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