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The Seventh Week


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An off hand comment by a friend this summer led me to decide to try something new this school year. Six weeks of school and one week "off". I put off in parentheses because it isn't exactly vacation week. It's a week to catch up on all those projects that get left undone during the school year, a week to re-evaluate how things are going and make changes as neccessary and a week to make six weeks worth of copies, weekly schedules and request books for our upcoming projects. 

Yesterday was day one of our first Seventh Week. We did a thourough cleaning of the living room (move furniture, vacuum cushions, return everything to where it belongs, etc). Tilly scrubbed our dining room floor, Adalia scrubbed our kitched floor and Enoch and I scrubbed the fridge (inside and out). 

Today we will tackle our utility closet, entryway and game closet. I also plan to start making copies for our next six weeks. One thing I can tell you is once again my little ones have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to school time. I plan to have more projects and activities for them these next six weeks…maybe even a day or two a week dedicated to helping them. The older kids have been begging for more unit studies, so hopefully I will have time to get a bit organized in that department too.

I also hope to have a day or two of fun at the end of our Seventh Week with a special activity or two.

Any hot tips for you fellow homeschooling (or not homeschooling) moms?


  1. Serena Morrow

    We have been doing the six weeks on one week off for several years except last year. We took three months off for the summer, mainly because we were moving cross-country. I will never do nine months straight with three months off again. We ALL forgot everything we knew. LOL

  2. liz

    I was just curious what age is the cut off in your home for “little ones”? I have a 6 yr old,almost 4 yr old and 1 yr old. I have a daily “expectation list” for my 6yr old. My daughter mostly is practicing writing her letters and loves to do dot to dots and mazes. She also caught on to basic addition .She asks all day “can I do more school” .We use IXL Math on the computer as well as Kumon books as a guideline for State Standards.
    I happen to get a 1st grade curriculum from the short time he was in PS. Most days the focus is Reading and Math. We do Science from a workbook once a week. We take nature walks every day and he visited a Science center last week. We look up tons of stuff online. He has an obsession with wasps and bees. So math and Language Arts are what we concentrate on. Sit down at a table stuff adds up to about an hr a day.
    I think we do alot of what they refer to as unschooling. we follow our sons interests. there is so much to learn at 6 that we never run out of art projects,science experiments and fun new ways to learn math and phonics.
    Since I am new to Home schooling i am still getting my sea legs. So far so good ….I think:)
    How much time do your kids at 6 get for “school”? Are they the little ones?

  3. Mommaofmany

    My tip for homeschooling moms is to relax, especially if all of their children are little. You really can do nothing but live life interested in the world around you, reading good books, experiencing as many different things as possible and doing NOTHING academically formal until they are 10 or older.
    This article is long, but a very good read:
    Granted, I do school with my 6-9’s, but it’s all interest driven, fun and basic. If they want to play Lego, fold and fly paper airplanes, read or draw all day, I let them. Academics are stressed way too early in our society.

  4. Beth

    Wow I love this idea. While not exactly going year round, we will be doing some school next summer. We also will be doing a cross country trip at the end of this year’s American History unit that will extend the school year. So I really think we could do this. We both could use that week off to catch up around here. Thanks for the idea.

  5. liz

    Thanks Renee. Good luck on fitting some reading time in with the little kids! To the poster above I have read many articles describing what you mentioned. I do agree what they expected my son to learn the year he did go to Public K was a bit ridiculous. I
    I mean some of these kids were 4 when they started school. That would be my daughter if she went to PS. She has a very late bday. On the other hand my son has severe ADHD and ODD. If we don’t set up some firm routine with school early on it would NEVER happen. Teaching him to read and spell has opened up so many possibilities for him. He is not dependant on us to read him every single word he comes say on a sign at a a book.. etc.. Yesterday he was looking at the greek yogurt container to see how many grams of protein were in it as we stress” more protein and less sugar.” This makes me very happy. I can’t imagine having possibly 2 more babies and THEN at 10( in 4 more years) trying to start something academically with him. He would be so resistant and confused.
    My daughter who will be 4 on the other hand learned colors and number recognition and simple math just by living her life. My son was not afforded that luxury with his genetic make up and had to be taught colors..numbers..etc…We don’t stress formal math too much as it frustrates him. However he sets the table and knows that if one of us isn’t going to be home he can figure out how many places to set.
    I love hearing everyones ideas and what they are doing. Just fascinating!

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