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Monday Meal Plans

Today begins a busy week. Judah and Tilly start school at the Community College. Judah has thrown himself in from day one last year. He has been taking Honors classes every quarter, is in the Drama Club, Campus Christian Fellowship (vice president this year), Criminal Justice Club, Spanish Club and now has a job as parking monitor. Tilly will have her very first classroom experience…and start Driver’s Ed the same day! Along with that we have Boy Scouts, an open house and Mordecai and Avi’s school, a Cub Scout bonfire at our  home and a few doctors visits thrown in…and homeschooling of course. With a busy week, I knew that meal plans were necessary to save my sanity. So here it  is:

Large Family Meal Plans:


lunch: yogurt, English muffins, apples

dinner: chicken enchiladas, rice, salad


lunch: ham and cheese wraps, fruit

dinner: lasagna, salad, focaccia bread


lunch: homemade mac and cheese

dinner: tacos, chips, rice


lunch: PBJ’s, raw veggies

dinner: potato soup with cheddar and bacon, homemade bread


lunch: soup and quesadillas

dinner: crockpot peanut chicken, rice, veggies

Did you make meal plans for the week? If you did, leave a link in the comments (or a list). I’d love to check them out!




  1. Meghan

    I’m a grad student and busy busy busy. I do batches of freezer meals that go straight from the freezer to the crockpot in the morning so I can eat when I get home. I usually do 10-20 meals at a time to go in the freezer. This weekend I did a big grocery trip and got a bunch of meals into the freezer. I made salsa chicken, beef and barley stew, minestrone soup, buffalo chicken, lemon chicken, and beef with broccoli. Multiple meals worth of each. I definitely need to look into the crockpot recipes you guys use. I use my crockpot almost every day.

    I also baked a loaf of whole wheat bread for sandwiches for the week as well as a loaf of white french bread just because my girlfriend and I love to snack on it. I recently found a kitchenaid stand mixer on craigslist for $90 (usually theyre like $400!) and since then I’ve been addicted to baking. I’ve loved baking my own bread. Cheaper too!

  2. Erica

    I do a lot of freezer prep for my busy homeschool family. I cook meat, shred cheese, chop carrots, dice onions and peppers, bake granola and cookies, and cook dried beans, among other things, whenever I get the chance. That way I have a lot less to do come dinner time.
    And I found some of those wonderful veggie containers you have in your fridge-love them!
    This week it’s Stromboli, Soft Tacos, Vegetable Beef Soup, and Spicy Lime Chicken (your recipe!).
    It sounds like you will be quite busy this week. Blessings to you.

  3. Lindsay

    Yep! Meal plan every Saturday for the week. My current strategy is to make every night’s dinner the night before (if I don’t already have it prepared and frozen ahead 🙂

    This week: Sunday: brats and beans, Monday: fish tacos, Tuesday: baked potato chowder, Wednesday: honey glazed chicken and rice, Thursday: grilled pork chops and spuds, Friday: baked potato bar (or maybe we have the girls fend for themselves and go on a date…)

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