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Picking Blueberries: Feeding a Large Family

Blueberry picking large family style

Blueberries are here! 

It’s no secret that summer is my favorite season, but honestly, I love the move through the seasons.

I hate snow, ice and cold, but I do enjoy the feeling of curling up with a book next to our wood stove, wrapped in a blanket, snuggled in my favorite hoodie. I love the cold winter days that slowly give way to warmer, spring weather. Finding the first flowers, the way the days get gradually longer and brighter.

Summer is for  the beach, berry picking and swimming.

Most summers we pick buckets of blueberries to fill our freezer. I know from experience  that a hundred pounds of blueberries will easily get us through the year. With a hundred pounds of blueberries, we can have our fill of: blueberry muffins, blueberry pie, blueberries in oatmeal, blueberries for our homemade yogurt, blueberry syrup…you get the idea.

It’s a family affair when we go blueberry picking. Tilly (17) really wanted us to go on a day when she was available and Judah (18) chose to come along with us as well. I love that even at their ages, they want to come along.

Apollo picked ten pounds of berries by himself. He was so proud; and rightly so.


I had fun taking the kids pictures in front of the sign with their respective ages…unfortunatley this sign was one row twelve…

My parents met us at Bjornstad Farms to pick their own berries…with a little help from my pickers.

Also, I’m drowning in  blueberries. No matter how many I freeze, I seem to have more on my countertops…We’ve just got to keep on freezing, freezing, freezing…

Picking blueberries at Bjornstad Farms.

Do you pick your own berries? What is your favorite kind? I really love strawberries and raspberries, but they are so much more fragile. Blueberries are hearty and easy to pick. 


  1. thissquirrelsnest

    Berry picking is the thing I like most about summer. I’ve canned ten jars of Strawberry jam, and 12 of red currant jam. Cherry jam is up next week and then blueberries by mid July. I’d like 50 to 60 8oz jars at least. My kids love nut butters and jam sandwiches so this adds up to huge savings given that I can make organic or IPM jams foe a fraction of the cost. With most I do low or no sugar jams, but red currants need the sugar.

  2. Kayla

    We have lots of raspberries and saskatoon berries on our acreage. Saskatoons are cashed June berries or Service berries in the States. Just starting to pick, pick, pick. And arrange for friends to come and pick. Not complaining, it’s great to have a freezer full of berries to eat all winter.

  3. kelly vanderwell

    I remember apple picking the most from a child. I think we went blue berry picking as well. Now that mom has only 2 in their teens and 3 in their mid/upper 20s, she gets them pre-picked but still from the orchard

  4. Deb

    First summer after we got married, my husband took me blueberry picking. We had been picking for quite a while, he in one row, me in another when the owner walked around and checked on people. I am not a huge blueberry fan, I will cut one blueberry into tiny pieces for a blueberry pancake. She stopped by me first and I proudly showed her my 3/4 full pail, she moved on to hubby, who would rather eat blue berries than candy or chocolates. He had maybe 2 inches in the bottom of his pail and a blueberry stained mouth. I was horrified when she stated joking about weighing customers on the way in and on the way out. He just laughed.

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