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Summer Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

summer ideas you don't want to miss!

Meet Duma.summer ideas you don't want to miss!

Duma is Avi’s cat. Duma only likes food if he has hunted it.

As a result, he will ignore the food in his bowl in favor of “hunting” for bags of bread in the pantry, egg yolks left on plates and anything else a human has left behind.

It’s not as endearing as it sounds.

Trust me.


summer ideas you don't want to miss!

But I have to admit…he’s got his good looks going for him…summer ideas you don't want to miss!

And then there is Frodo. Giant, floppy, happy Frodo. He’s a bit of a goof. He loves to sneak off and eat the cat’s food (even when he has a bowl full of his own food) and chew on LEGO bricks.summer ideas you don't want to miss!

This is Tupac.

He is not named after the musician (my kids didn’t even realize he was a person), but after the dog in the movie Hunt for the Wilderpeoplesummer ideas you don't want to miss!

And this girl? She leaves for Teen Missions today. She’s off for a summer of adventuring (and working on a church) in Peru.

For a decade Chuck and I had a baby a year (and adopted a couple of babies as well…you know, to bring balance to the force). I remember a week when I had three kids lose teeth (two in the same day!) We had seven kids in carseats and endless piles of diapers, Pull-Ups and sippy cups.

Now? Now we have SEVEN TEENAGERS who are off in all directions.


summer ideas you don't want to miss!

My kids like to run. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I only run toward coffee or away from salesmen.

summer ideas you don't want to miss!

[And for those of you into photography, I didn’t do any vignetting on this photo. I shot wide open through the fence which is what gave it this effect.  If you look closely you can see the blur/dark area is from the fence. Cool, huh?]

Due to ice storms and snow days, my kids still have a week of school left. I’m ready to be done with school lunches, waiting on the bus and all that goes along with it. But, it is rainy and cool here so I’m okay with them being cooped up just a little bit longer.

Here are some summer ideas and posts you don’t want to miss.

Manage Chores and Summer Screentime

This post talks about how we managed chores and screen time last summer. We will definitely be doing some version of this again.

Vanilla Latte Ice Cream Recipe

If you don’t do anything else this summer, promise me you will try this Vanilla Latte Ice Cream recipe!!!

How to Make the Most of Summer Reading Programs. A snarky mom’s guide.

A snarky mom’s guide. Enough said.

Summer Fun Family Fun

Be sure and follow my summer fun Pinterest board!

What are your plans for the summer?








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