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Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum

Sometimes you need to step back from being a grown up, a responsible mom and payer-of-the-dental bills and buy your kids a couple packs of bubble gum.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your camera!girl-blowing-bubblegirl-blowing-bubble  girl-blowing-bubblegirl-blowing-bubbleboy-blowing-bubblecurly-haired-toddler-gum

This one couldn’t quite blow a bubble…girl-blowing-bubbleboy-blowing-bubbleboy-blowing-bubble-with-nose

Tucker made an amazing discovery…did you know you can blow bubbles…with your nostrils? Oh yes you can. Go ahead, try it. You know you want to!boys-with-gumgirl-blowing-bubblekids-blowing-bubbles


Happy, happy Friday!


  1. Liz

    I bet it’s not sugar free gum. Our sf gum isn’t cutting it for bubble blowing. We have to literally lock it in a cabinet. The kids LOVE gum! I’m not a huge fan. They have all starting chewing at around 18 months. They can’t blow bubbles though. Hmmm. I bet I need better gum…or not

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Nope, not sugar-free. This is literally the second time I’ve ever bought it (we have a sugar-free gum only policy). I bought this just for the pics, and the kids were happy to oblige 🙂 When my kids are paying their own dental bills, they can chew whatever kind of gum they choose 🙂

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