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Large Family Productivity: Everything at Once

Seattle Great Wheel at night.

Seattle Great Wheel at night.

You guys all know how I totally rock this Mom of a Large Family thing. I have large family minimalism down to a science.  Since I am clearly winning at parenting, today I am going to share with you my best tips on Large Family Productivity.

Busy? Have a lot of things you need to get done? Do everything in the same day.


For instance, if your daughter is heading home to New Zealand *sob* after visiting for three weeks be sure to also schedule:

A drive for your teen in Driver’s Ed.

Doctors appointments for two kids.

Oh, and get the cat neutered.

What could be more fun?

Iris’s flight left at 9 am this morning so we decided the best plan would be to drive to SeaTac last night and spend the night in a hotel.

And so we did.

My alarm went off at 6 am and we exited the hotel at 6:30.

I dropped off Iris then drove 114 miles home.

My parents took our cat to the vet because I was, you know, in SeaTac.

Driving down the freeway on the way home, my phone rings. A frantic teen wants to know if she can make a pot of coffee.

When I arrived home the kids were feasting on bagels and sausage (and coffee)

I had to drop Kalina off for her drive at 12:30.

Then pick her up at 2.

To take her and another child to the doctor.

At the doctor’s office, the nurse gave my child the wrong vaccine.

Oh yes, she did.

The doctor came and apologized when he realized the error.

Then the nurse came in to vaccinate Kalina, apologized, and said she “triple-checked” the vaccines this time.


I was still at the doctor’s office when the vet called to tell me the cat was ready to be picked up.

So my parents picked him up for me.

When we finally finished, we headed to my parent’s house to get the cat.

Then I had to drop Kalina off at the movie theater.

I arrived home at 6:15 (a mere 12 hours into my day) to a messy kitchen and no dinner and boys who needed to leave for scouts in half an hour.

Then suddenly realized I hadn’t had lunch. But it’s all good, it helps with weight loss

So yeah, that was fun.

How was your day?



    • Renee

      While this is very true…how in the world did I think it was okay to schedule two doctors appointments and a cat neutering on the same day I had to take Adalia to the airport over 100 miles away???

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