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Puberty Sucks {How to Survive Your Child’s Puberty}

ews Flash: Puberty Sucks. The how to survive guide for parents and kids}

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News Flash: Puberty Sucks. The how to survive guide for parents and kids}

News Flash: Puberty sucks.

It just does.

Mood swings, pimples, relationships. Drama. Everyone hates you no one understands you. You suddenly realize your parents don’t know everything. In fact, you parents don’t know anything.

Your siblings hate you. Your friends suck. Your friends are the bomb. They know everything. They love and support you the way no one else does. Your friends betray you.

You want so badly to be treated like a mature teen…you want to curl up in your mama’s lap and cry.

Yup, puberty sucks.

Check out this infographic I made a few years ago. It holds true to this day.

Puberty Distribution in a Large Family. Puberty sucks.

I think we call all agree that puberty sucks. The question is…how do you (and your kids survive)?

Tips for surviving puberty.

1. Consider buying a subscription such as HelloFlo or putting a box together yourself.

My girls love the HelloFlo boxes. I have also put together a Period Survival Kit for them. I cannot even tell you how much they love this.

News Flash: Puberty Sucks. The how to survive guide for parents and kids}

2. Put together a fun personal hygiene kit.

The top photo in this post is the hygiene kit I put together for one of my children who was struggling. She felt loved and valued because I put it together for her just because. And I did it just for her.

The personal hygiene kit included:

Facial wipes

Pimple cream (specifically requested)

Shaving cream


New comb


Hair product


Feminine products


Tic Tacs

Obviously, a kit for boys would have slightly different items.

3. Read my raw post How to handle Disrespectful Kids.

And read these books:

American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers

Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Sane)

ews Flash: Puberty Sucks. The how to survive guide for parents and kids}

4. Carve out small moments.

Tell your children you love and appreciate them regularly. Remember when these hormonal preteens where squishy babies? Chubby toddlers? You likely showered them with affection and words of encouragement. Keep doing that! Your kids need it more now than they did as charming preschoolers. Take your pre-teen with you when you run errands. Buy them an ice cream cone or a cup of coffee. Smile at them. Ask them about school. Talk to them about friends. Go on a walk. The gestures don’t need to be big or grand. Just show you care.

Sometimes we need to let our children fail…and sometimes we need to choose compassion over responsibility.

But remember put the relationship first.


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  1. Sara-Jane

    Our oldest is just barely 13 and so far we’ve had it easy with her, relatively speaking. But with two more right behind her (11 and 10) on the train to Puberty Town, I think I’m gonna need all the tips on puberty survival I can get! These kits are a wonderful idea and I think a trip to Target is in my near future.

    I only wish boys were as easy to shop for (at this age) as girls. My 11 year old seems already to be having a rougher time than either of the big girls.

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