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8 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood This Week

8 Ways I'm rocking motherhood this week.

8 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood This Weekmordecai-crate-7285

1. I washed the same load of clothes three times. Not because I was bored. Not because I’m competing in the Cleanest Clothes Ever Competition. Not because I forgot about them or because there was mold in the laundry basket.  Nope, I washed them three times because the first time everything came out an exciting shade of Barney purple. I like purple well enough, but my boys aren’t really that into wearing purple jeans and purple camo pants.

The best part? I never did find the Purple Perpetrator, so every load of laundry is now filled with anticipation! Will our clothes be purple??? Which is awesome, because with only eight kids at home these days, life is pretty dull.

2. I read the Double Down, the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. Have you read any of these? We own them all and now Apollo is making me read it out loud to him before bed. Somehow he got it in his mind that bedtimes stories are a right of passage. 

3. My business is being highlighted on the Birth Photographers Facebook page all week, which is a huge honor! I’d love it if you went and left a nice comment on one my photos. 

8 Ways I'm rocking motherhood this week.

4. Mordecai’s new favorite spot to hang out is Fodo’s crate.…The day I bought this larger crate I came home from picking the younger kids up at school to find this. Yup, Mordecai climbed  right in the kennel with his Cheerios (one of the few foods he eats theses days). Later he covered the top and sides with rugs for a more “cozy” feel. Never underestimate a kid’s ability to find a way to satisfy his sensory needs

5. I voted. Except I didn’t really because our state does mail-in voting only, so I actually voted last week.

6. I am making plans for next week when this guy gets his g-tube removed. I am thinking an evening of cuddling on the couch with movies and pizza…

7. I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. I can never have enough sleep. Ever. And just yesterday? I sent my first born child an email and signed in “Renee”. Nothing  quite says, “I love and care about you even when you live half a world away” like closing an email by letting your child know you prefer she call you by your first name. None of this sappy, “love, Mom” stuff for MY kids.

8. I am slightly obsessed with two of Rhett and Link’s new songs. So Dang Dark (I’m not afraid of the dark I’m afraid of what’s in the dark…) and BFF Song (any song that includes the words “inferior temporal gyrus” deserves recognition, don’t you agree?) You really need to watch them both. A dozen times.

How are you rocking motherhood this week?


  1. Melody

    My kiddo ( on the Autism spectrum) when we had a new baby where he would retreat to the pack n’ play to meet his sensory needs when life became to overwhelming. It took me a few times to figure out what the heck he was doing, but when I finally ‘got a clue’ we dug out our extra pack n’ play filled it with pillows and blankets and let him ‘go to town’. That became his go to spot for a solid year : )

  2. Erica

    Still laughing at #7!
    I told my family to be careful that the stew was hot, since I had steam cleaned it. It’s a pressure cooker, not a carpet cleaner…

  3. Melanie

    Thanks for this post! #1 happened to me, too, a while ago. How did you manage to get rid of the shade of pink in the washed laundry? Did you use a product? And just a thought: In my case, it wasn’t only a pink perpetrator, it happened again during the next wash, and this is where I began to think that some bleeding color from the last wash (where there had been a perpetrator) had settled into the machine’s lime scale and then came back the next time. It came back only once, though, and I cleaned my machine afterwards.

    • Renee

      Nope…thankfully most of the load was jeans, so they are just *darker* after three washings…I did lose a few shirts though 🙁

  4. Kris

    I am on the mend from high fever that turned to pneumonia. About 3 days into my fever haze I realized “oh crap, I hope my kid is taking his ADHD medicine”. I didn’t actually check for another 2 days. Thankfully after missing it the first day he reminded his Dad almost every day. I’m sure his teachers were wondering what the heck was up. Oh, and some Federal forms we get every year also came home during said illness. Needless to say they never got filled out. And, the recoded never made it to school last week. And, I picked me kid up just shy of late most of last week (Mom being sick is never fun).

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