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Medical Me {Apollo’s G-tube Doll}

Can you tell poor Apollo was sick in these photos? His eyes look so dull and listless…

While browsing etsy one day looking for g-tube supplies I stumbled upon CPMentor. She’s the mom of a cute little guy who also has chronic medical needs. She took a Haba doll and inserted a g-tube to help explain the procedure to her son. Now she is selling them on Etsy.

When Apollo saw this doll (who he’s since named, Eragon) he got this shy little smile on his face. It’s an expression he uses when he is shy and excited at the same time. 

Apollo spent a long time examining every inch of the doll (including the heart surgery scar CPMentor drew on his back). Then he wanted to “feed his tummy”.

We, of course, grabbed some supplies and let him go at it. He carefully hooked him up and “fed” him.

I can personally vouch for CPMentor’s amazing customer service. She bent over backward getting Eragon ready, even when she ran into problem after problem. Then she overnighted the package to me, so that he would be sure to be here before we left for Texas.

CPMentor doesn’t just limit herself to g-tubes, by the way. The little doll she made for her son has glasses to match. She works hard to make her Medical Me doll as much like the child she is designing it for as possible. Together we selected Haba’s “Michel” doll, deciding it looked most like Apollo with the blonde curls, huge brown eyes and pensive expression.

By the way, Apollo was quite amused by Eragon’s hair. He kept scrunching up his nose and laughing saying, “His hair is so funny!” Only he pronounced “funny” as “sunny”.

Looks like Eragon may need to go see his chiropractor…

I can truly say that Apollo loves Eragon. He’s been playing with him all around the house and is looking forward to taking him to Texas. Personally, I like the smaller size. You may remember the cute red-headed doll Apollo has taken to the hospital in the past. While I really like that one, Eragon’s compact size sure makes him easier to stuff in a bag.

Dolls have been used for years to help children express their emotions, and these Medical Me dolls are no different. Sometimes it helps to have someone “just like you”.



  1. liz

    wow…I am so glad Apollo liked him. Isn’t Etsy great? Just super creative people able to get their stuff to people who can benefit from it like your family. I really hope you find something you are looking for in Texas…answers..peace..a light….surgery…something..praying every single day and night

  2. Lydia

    I love the doll. Such a great idea, and gives Apollo a special friend, something just like him. Hope you find the help you need in Texas. Lots of prayers from Down Under for you all.

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