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New Zealand Update

BEN! and Adalia are running me ragged, just as I knew they would. Non-stop action for those two. Our weekend was packed…Friday we hiked, camped and went horseback riding on the farm where part of The Hobbit was filmed! The farm is owned by BEN!’s boss’ family. It was amazing! I can’t wait to share the photos with you. We half expected hobbits and orcs to pop out at us any moment!

In one 36 hour period, BEN! took us to beaches on the east and west coast…one a white sand beach, the other a black sand beach. We went on a horse trek on the beach of the Tasman Sea and spotted a few mermaids…but that is a tale that is better told with photos…

And for the record, I am exactly as sore as you would expect someone who hasn’t ridden a horse in 20 years to be…

Tomorrow we head to Hobbiton to poke around a few hobbit holes.

There is nothing better than visiting a new culture with locals who know all of the best spots.



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