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Surviving Lockdown 2020: A Visit to Northern State Hospital

Apollo in an abandoned barn at Northern State Hospital.
Graffiti on building at Northern State Hospital.

I’ll be honest…some days we are on the edge of crazy over here. Washington still has a high number of Covid-19 cases. Our county is currently in Stage 2 meaning we can go out, but can’t gather in groups of more than five, and have to wear masks anytime we are in a public building.

Hole in the wall at Northern State Hospital in Washington.

Needless to say, we spend most days at home. But Sunday afternoon Jubilee, Hezekiah, Apollo and I took a little adventure down to Northern State Hospital.

Apollo standing in building at Nothern State Hospital.

According to Exploring Washington State:

 Northern State Hospital, “Opened as the third hospital in the state of Washington for the criminally insane, Northern State Hospital was, for its time, very innovative and forward-thinking. In 1912 when they admitted their first patients, the initial superintendent A.H. McLeash had a vision. His hope was that through vocational training on site, the patients would not only be contributing members to their ‘community’ but also gain positive personal skills as well. “

Jubiilee at Northern State Hospital.

The hospital was closed in the 1973.

From King 5,” Northern State opened in 1913, housing and treating people considered ‘insane’ by the broad standards of that time. A person could be committed for alcoholism. Or having epilepsy.”

Apollo stands by graffiti at the abandoned Northern State Hospital.

Rumors abound about the abandoned hospital being haunted.

Privilege graffiti at Northern State Hospital

If it’s haunted the ghosts appear to be very fond of beer and spray paint.

Self-portrait at Northern State Hospital.


Jubilee at Northern State Hospital.
Jump! Abandoned building at Northern State Hospital.
Hezekiah takes photos at Northern State Hospital.
Apollo sits in a hole in the wall at Northern State Hospital.
Apollo in the old milking barns at Northern State Hospital.
Apollo swings in an abandoned milking barn at Northern State Hospital.
Girl in the hole in the wall. Northern State Hospital.
Girl Interrupted
Black and white portrait of Apollo peering out of hole in the wall at Northern State Hospital.
Apollo sticks out his tounge in abandoned barn.
Jubilee dreaming of an end to social distancing.
Apollo climbing in empty barn at Northern State Hospital.


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