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Tiger King: Apollo Exotic and Cool Kitten Carole

Boy dressed as Joe Exotic in Tiger King parody.

Did Someone Say Tiger King?

So, how exactly are we doing with no school, no photography gigs, no meetings or appointments, or getting together with friends, or leaving the house or grocery shopping? I think the pictures in this post say it all…

PSA: Absolutely no cats, dogs, or animals were hurt during this photoshoot. No husbands were killed or fed to tigers. Absolutely no tattoos, plural marriages, or injuries occurred. And no, nine-year-old Apollo has not watched Tiger King…he is just a great model who works cheap.

9-year-old boy dressed as Joe Exotic in Tiger King parody.

Thankfully, we’ve got Apollo Exotic, the Tiger King onhand to dispense great advice like, “We say no to drugs, because drugs make your teeth fall out and you get really ugly and don’t have any friends.” Wise words spoken by a kid who is still losing teeth…but no one has any friends these days because we can’t actually leave the house.

Cool Kitten in Tiger King parody.

This Cool Kitten stopped by to smell the roses dandelions. She also told me she did not kill her husband. Or feed him to any tigers. And besides, her cages are big and she doesn’t buy big cats…she just “rescues” them.

Nine-year-old boy dressed as Joe Exotic in parody.

Does it feel good to stand on my stage with 500-pound tigers and everybody envy you? Absolutely.” – Joe Exotic

Carole Baskin parody photos.

Just a Cool Kitten with her big dog… “rescued” from a great family who knew Frodo would be a good companion to our children. If you want to come to see our Big Dog you can make an appointment and buy your ticket for $49. But we allow absolutely no interaction with our animals. Oh, and if you want to volunteer to help with our animals, you can do that too!

Tiger King parody with Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

If someone wanted to have a cat eat you they’d pour sardine oil on you.” – Carole Baskin

Tiger King parody starring Apollo.

This guy definitely has a music career in his future…

I Saw Tiger parody album cover.

“Tell all the hunters to lay down their guns
Tell ’em that the tiger needs a little bit of love
Let ’em run the jungle, let ’em roam their land
Then stand back and marvel, what a beautiful cat”

Boy dressed as Joe Exotic in Tiger King parody.

‘Cause I saw tiger
Now I understand
I saw tiger, and the tiger saw man

Tiger king parody by Apollo

Clearly the face of a man who understands

Apollo Exotic as the Tiger King.
Joe Exotic and Carole Basking fighting over cat.
Carole baskin parody photos.

“You can see how they go from being so sweet to tearing your face off, just like that, and it’s amazing to have that range.” – Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic behind bars.

I spotted Apollo Exotic behind bars. He looks like he’s doing okay. But he wants you all to know he is never going to recover from this financially…

Tiger King parody photos with nine-year-old boy.
Apollo Exotic as the Tiger King.

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My older kids don’t often want to participate in my photoshoots…so it was fun to have Jubilee play along for this one.


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  1. Jennifer

    I watched a few then stopped because it is such a train wreck. But then after all the hoopla I went back and finished it. Still major train wreck.
    I LOVE the photo shoot-so much fun. Thank You Apollo, Jubilee and Rene.

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