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Opus Makes His Move: First Baby Kicks

20100104_0619 blog

Opus {Baby 2010} has made his move (and no, we don’t know the sex, but Chuck and I always hate to use the term “it” for the baby, so we use the more neutral he/him). Finally, last week (at 17.5 weeks) I clearly felt my first baby kicks.  Not a flutter, but a poke. He is rather subtle right now, but I am feeling him once a day or so. Hopefully this means he will be mild-mannered? Calm? Peaceful? We can always dream.

I took Keziah in yesterday to take her knowledge test for her driver’s permit, but unfortunately, the office was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day. Our local office is open Tuesday through Saturday and therefore took their holiday yesterday. Too bad they didn’t mention it on their website. After that, I headed out to buy maternity clothes. I didn’t think anything of it until my friend Hilary pointed out the irony of taking a daughter for a driver’s test the same day I was buying maternity clothes.

Just another day in a large family.



  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds like a great combination to me!!
    (I never like calling babies in utero “it” either. So I just end up saying “the baby” over and over again, which sounds silly after awhile!)

  2. Donna

    We are not considered a large family with only 5, but I am planning my two oldest daughters weddings and buying 1st grade curriculum for my youngest daughter! It is worth every minute though!!

  3. Nicole

    She’s getting her permit? Cool! I got my permit recently too and have been trying to learn how to drive – my parents have been teaching me but I think I might just take some classes too. Also, is that Michael Crichton’s book Timeline? Yes, it is! That is a good book. =)

  4. June

    Great irony…though it will get better….my sister-in-law was pregnant with #8 while her #1 was pregnant. She became a grandma for #1 then just a few months later became mom for #8. Her #8 and her granddaughter (both now 4) are best friends. She’s gone on to have #9 (all by birth). She’s 45 and things seem to be slowing down! 😉 although, she asking the Lord for 1 more!

  5. Ruth Doyle

    I love the first movements. Those are the days where I try so hard to get Jeff to feel it and he never can. He reminds me every time that it just to soon.

  6. Launi

    I felt mine for the first time two days ago too. Mine were just flutters (I’m a few weeks behind you), but definitely baby! Can’t wait to feel the jabs. 🙂

  7. DeAnna Jones

    Hey Renee, just wanted you to know that I’m about 2 or three days behind you in my 4th pregnancy. I just felt my baby move, too! Congratulations, by the way. Hope you are feeling better, too!

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