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Drawing Textbook

The Drawing Textbook Get Results

I’ve raved about the Drawing Textbook before, but I want to show you what progress we’ve made. We’re only up to lesson 11 (we’re taking it slow) but my children’s drawing skills have improved dramatically from this $8 book.


This drawing was done by five-year-old Hezekiah.

20100118_0734 blog
And so was this.

20100118_0739 blog
This was drawn by 7-year-old Jubilee.

20100118_0743 blog
And this by 12-year-old Judah.

I show this random sampling, just so you can see what type of work they are producing. Not only are they drawing specific things from the book (i.e. a bucket on a three legged stool, or a dog bone in a dish) but these newly learned skills are showing up in their creative work as well.  


  1. joabair

    I didnt buy that book, but I bought some really neat ones that teach the same thing on amazon and my daughter is in love! My son, well he likes to use oil paints. His clothes/hands and everything he touches shows how much he loves them. Lucky I dont care! I think its great that you give them high quality art supplies to work with. My kids spend more time doing art than any other subject and I think it helps them in other areas as well.

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