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Pacific Northwest Hiking [Macro Lens]

Post contains affiliate links.Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA

I went hiking with a friend yesterday. A friend. One. Uno. 

No children. No strollers. No diaper bags or sippy cups or blankies. We walked for two hours straight without once needing to tie someone’s shoe, doctor a scraped up knee or break up a fight. 

The only stops we made, in fact, were so I could photograph slugs. 

We didn’t see any impressively big ones, but we did see a variety of colors and species. 

 Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA

I have hiked this trail many, many times with my kids. I could not believe how much easier it was without kids! I am not a fast hiker or runner, but I am a steady one. For me, its all about the pacing and not stopping, and that just does not work with kids. Being able to walk at my chosen pace without stopping was a game changer. It was relaxing, exhilarating and fun all wrapped up in one. The sun was shining, the birds were singing…Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA

I was able to soak up some vitamin D (which is sorely lacking in our part of the world) and breathe in the fresh air…It was in the 70’s here and that’s quite balmy here for the first of May. Our path was shaded so it was comfortably cool, but not cold. Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA  

I took my camera along with my macro lens.  I love this lens and it’s ability to capture the tiny details in nature. I bought it for food photography and capturing those closeup details on newborns…but I have found it to be quite versatile. Aside from using it for food, babies and nature shots, I also enjoy using it as an outdoor portrait lens and at births. I have switched to using two cameras at births, so I can capture exactly the images I want without needing to switch lenses. Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA    

I don’t always take my camera when I hike, but I am so glad I did yesterday. I am pleased with my pictures and they stir in me happy memories. I struggle terribly with fatigue and these photos remind me of a near-perfect day. Pacific Northwest hiking, Bellingham, WA

I didn’t feel well when we started out, but the fresh air and beauty did wonders for my body and catching up with a friend did wonders for my spirit. 

What is your favorite outdoor activity? For me it is simply walking or hiking through a beautiful area. No special equipment needed…


  1. rebecca montgomery

    Hiking refreshes me in a similar way. As a busy mom, I have begun to crave the solitude of walking in the woods. I love to take my kids along on a trek that fits their frames well so we can all be together. That said, some of my favorite recently made memories are hikes I’ve taken with a couple friends or my dad. So glad you got to go hiking!

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