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When it Rains It Pours. Sometimes Quite Literally

When it rains, it pours. Sometimes quite literally. My blog has been silent because my life has not.

Where to start?

Homemade board for Settlers or Catan

Apollo finally sweet-talked me into playing Settlers of Catan. Our board was, let’s say, a little worn, but thankfully Enoch recently solved that little problem for us with some cardboard and a hot glue gun.

Rain, Flooding, and Utter Devastation

Our community has been devastated by heavy rains and flooding. People were being rescued from their homes in boats and giant tractors. Eighty-five percent of homes in Sumas were damaged. Three hundred tons of waste have been cleared out so far. Our school district was closed for a week.

It is truly heartbreaking. Thankfully, our home is tucked into a valley, protected from rising rivers and floodwaters. The same cannot be said for many of our friends.

The week before the floods, Chuck and I bought a new refrigerator that was delivered, after the storm and in the midst of chaos. Of course. Because when it rains, it pours.

Why You Should Always Use Surge Protectors

We did feel the effects of the storm, however. Our electricity was out for over 30 hours, which isn’t at all unusual for where were live. Early one morning, after a night of no electricity, I was awake and reading when lights began flickering. Not long after I heard pops and bangs that sounded electrical. I jumped up and unplugged everything nearby and woke up Chuck. By this time I could smell burning as well. Chuck unhooked the electricity outside and I contacted the power company. Once it was light out we discovered our surge protectors looked like this.

Melted surge protector after power outage.

In the end, the weird electrical power surges ruined our oven (the stove was okay and Chuck managed to get to the oven functioning with just $200 worth of parts), our dryer (had to buy a brand new one), and a bunch of light fixtures around our house.

But our family, pets and home are safe.

Light fixture burned during power outage.

Chuck thinks the damage was caused by the wrong voltage of electricity being sent to electronics that were plugged in. The culprit turned out to be an errant branch that came down on the electrical line right in front of our house. You know those cartoons where a cloud is hanging over just one person’s head? Yeah, it was like that, except with electricity. Our neighbors experienced a simple power outage.

In the end, we are beyond thankful that our house is tight and dry and nowhere near the flood zone.

Red-eared slider turtle in aquarium.

This is our Red-Eared Slider, Oogway. Or maybe it’s Hamilton, I’m not really sure (my kids named them- I don’t know who is who). Our other turtle is a Yellow-Bellied Slider.

So, imagine this, no electricity for 30 hours, no dryer, no oven, turtles without heat or UV lights. The day before the flooding I picked up a new (to us) 55-gallon aquarium and stand that I found on FB marketplace. That left me, all on the same day, removing everything out of the refrigerator and freezer so the new one could be installed. Since our new fridge is bigger (yay!) we had to remove the cupboard that held my pots and pans. That cupboard was temporarily placed in the living room where I was attempting to set up a new aquarium so all of my pots and pans went on the kitchen counter. 

Every time I needed to move something, I had to move three other things. I had to step over and around things. My brain does not like this particular form of chaos.

Also, the trailer Kalina has been living in started leaking (and was dangerously close to floodwaters) so she moved back home a bit earlier than planned. This meant, in addition to buying and installing new light fixtures, a dryer, and fixing the oven, Chuck was also assembling beds and adding much-needed insulation to Kalina’s room.

Strange Coping Skills

Indoor plants in a variety of planters.

While waiting at the laundromat Apollo and I wandered over to a garden across the street where I spent too much money on plants I hope I can keep alive. Let’s just say it was a coping device. Adding something fresh, and green, and alive to home. The plants, of course, needed to be repotted once I got home, which then led to a bigger mess. Because apparently, I didn’t have enough to occupy me.

Pro tip: I go to Goodwill or Value Village to buy my plants. I look for unique bowls or crocks to bring home as planters.

So, it took several days (okay, a week) to reestablish order. Just in time to get ready for Thanksgiving. This year, our hearts are full as we do what we can to help our friends and community members.

But none of that leaves much time for blogging.



  1. Suzan

    I feel for you. What you have been through is not fun but as you have said you are safe. I hope this is the end of your woes for quite a while.

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