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Rainbow Cake: Tips and Tricks

Apollo eyes his rainbow cake suspiciously.

Tips for Making the Perfect Rainbow Cake.

Tips for Baking the Perfect Rainbow Cake.

Who doesn’t love rainbow cake?

Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of this? I was smiling…even after our sixth and top PINK layer slid off into oblivion. Just as our guests arrived. I failed to take into consideration our current heat wave and left it out on the counter for several hours. Oh well, it looks beautiful with only five layers, don’t you think???

Tips for making a beautiful and delicious layered rainbow cake.

To make this rainbow cake we used three boxes of white cake mix and some cheap generic food coloring. That’s all it took and the colors turned out vibrant and beautiful! See my tips at the end of the post!

Apollo is thrilled with the ten dollar bill he recieved for his birthday.

We all got a kick out of how excited Apollo was about the ten dollar bill his grandparents gave him. He knew it was money and already has plans for it!

Avi blows out the candles on her rainbow cake.

Curly-haired toddler not happy about rainbow cake.

And this is pretty much what a tube-fed toddler thinks of birthday cake.

Apollo eyes his rainbow cake suspiciously.Umm…You expect me to put that in my mouth? And EAT it? Not a chance.

Tube-fed toddler suspiciously eyes rainbow cake.

He did lick some frosting, so we are calling that a win!

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Rainbow Cake

  1. Use cake mix. There is no reason or advantage to making these from scratch. Your cake will have six layers and be three full cakes…so don’t feel guilty about the mix.
  2. You can use regular food coloring. No need for expensive, specialty colors.
  3. Use 8-inch pans and wax paper liners. This will help you pop the cakes out of the pans easily.
  4. Freeze each layer for an hour before stacking.
  5. Use bamboo sticks to help support the cake…so it doesn’t fall apart like mine did.
  6. After assembling and frosting the cake, refridgerate it until you are ready to display and serve. Dp NOT leave it out in a hot house.

For more rainbow party ideas, check out this post and be sure and follow my themed party board on Pinterest!

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