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Why You Should Read Percy Jackson Instead of Harry Potter

Why you should read Percy Jackson instead of Harry Potter.

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Why you should read Percy Jackson instead of Harry Potter.

Why You Should Read Percy Jackson Instead of Harry Potter

Apollo has recently expressed an interest in reading Harry Potter. I know, we’re about 20 years late to the party, but his friends have been talking about it and he wanted to read it. Thus began our search for a (free) copy of the book. Lo and behold, our local libraries didn’t have book one in stock so we requested it. Enoch caught wind of our search and came to me, in all seriousness, and explained to me the three reasons why you should read Percy Jackson instead of Harry Potter.”

So here it is, straight from Enoch’s mouth, the case of Percy Jackson vs. Harry Potter:

First of all, It’s very educational. It’s about the Greek gods and myths and stuff, right? So it teaches about Greek mythology. I know so much about Greek mythology that I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t read the Percy Jackson books.

Second, I have all the books so you wouldn’t have to worry about checking them out, or buying them, or an anything else.

Third, his name is Percy; like Percival.

“Okay then,” I said. “But you have to convince Apollo”

Enoch broke into a grin, “I already did” he said.

Of course, he did. He’s Enoch.

So that, my friends, is how I have ended up deeply immersed in the lives of Greek gods. A topic, I assure you, I have zero interest in. Yes, I know, Apollo was a Greek god. But my Apollo? He was named for the disciple in New Testament.

Apollo apparently told one of his teachers at school that we are reading Percy Jackson, so she, naturally sent him home with this book. So now I spend my “free time” reading all about Greek Mythology to Apollo.

Hurray for him.

Me? Not so much. But that is part of following my kids’ passion. Just send in coffee and alpaca yarn. Looks like I’ll be camped out here with the Greeks and Romans for a while.





    • Renee

      Oh, I’m totally sure it will be both in the end…but when you’re seven and faced with an entire series of books….We will probably start with Percy Jackson and then move on to Harry Potter.

  1. sarahwamuhiu

    My 7 year old LOVES Greek Myths! Bu he hasn’t read the Percy Jackson Books yet. We have read the other Greek Myth book you posted and loved it. He, or rather I should say we since I’m reading to them at the same time he reads them on his own AND listens to audio books in the car, are 1/2 through the Harry Potter Series (started at Christmas). He is a huge fan. (so it Mommy 😉 ).

  2. bemis

    I’ve never been interested in Greek myths either, and never understood my best friend growing up who loved myths, science fiction and the like (she is a huge Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings fan).

    We recently read an Usborne Greek Myths book and the kids loved it. I have to say that I appreciate them more now than I did as a kid, but I’d still read pretty much anything else first. I’ve never read Percy Jackson–how is it for appropriateness for young kids?

    • Renee

      Yeah, so totally not my thing. The Book of Greek Myths drive me crazy. The stories make no sense to me…and, to be honest, I don’t appreicate them as an adult. But Apollo loves them and it could be so much worse (Captian Underpants) so, I’ll suck it up and go with it.

      Percy Jackson is obviously full of fighting and wars…but it doesn’t seem to be bothering Apollo at all.

  3. Melpub

    Actually after you get done with the Greek series, there’s the RIck Riordan Norse series . . . and Egyptian series . . . with the former, there’s always the D’Aulaire’s Norse gods–always loved the illustrations.

    • Renee

      I saw that! He also has a series about Apollo. The illustrations in the D’Aulaire book are beautiful…but the story makes my head feel like it is being twisted into a giant knot 😉

  4. Margery

    We have these also from our older boys, and along with me reading other books on the same subject to them as children as I always wanted to be a history teacher sparked interests in them as young adults. One son is a classics major in college as in he reads and studies the Roman and Greek history, culture, literature, and the languages of Latin and Ancient Greek. His current goals are to be a Latin teacher and develop a video game written all in Latin.

    • Renee

      A video game written in Latin? That is brilliant! Judah has always been a history buff and loved these books. His degree is in Law and Justice but I don’t think he will ever lose his love of history.

  5. Michele Lee

    We read Harry Potter and of course my son and daughter loved it. I will have to look into Percy Jackson as well. I had heard of it but never really looked into it, guess I have some research to do! I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how much both of my kids loved the book, “Adventures of Little Yaga and Her Friends”. It’s an adventure story with magical moments and underlying social lessons (that I loved and appreciated!) it captured their attention and actually sparked conversation between them! As a mom, you have to love that! You can find it here, Keep the mommy recommendations coming, always appreciated! Thank you!

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