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Happy Saturday from our Perfect Family

Happy Saturday from our perfect family to yours!

Chuck is working this rainy Saturday morning, which is awesome since it means we can pay our bills.

Despite being thrifty, I still can’t feed our (current) family of ten on $46 per week. I don’t have a 20-acre garden or any lactating cows. Therefore, while our grocery bill is lower than many people, it still exists. In the triple digits. 

Thankfully my children are well-trained and nearly perfect. They would never act out because Chuck is working or the dog ate their DS game. 

Nope, not my kids.

They cheerfully help clean, never complaining that they hate Saturdays because none of their friends have to do chores. 

Thank goodness my kids don’t hoard garbage, gum  wrappers, stuffed animals or clothing because that would make their bedrooms really hard to clean.

I am so glad they always bring in wood cheerfully, understanding that this small contribution keeps them (and the whole family) warm.

I love that they totally appreciate me washing, drying, and folding their laundry…and they never complain about missing their favorite shirt. The one they later find, stuffed under their bed, covered in cat pee


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