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Slip N Slide, Sun and a Hint of Summer

sprinkler, slip n slide

We were blessed this week with two warm, sunny days this week; a hint of summer. It reached into the low 80’s one of those days. We wasted no time in setting up a Slip N Slide and Apollo’s Step2 Water Table.20140501_0720 blog ¬†20140501_0732 blog20140501_0734 blogAnd today the rain has returned. Just in time for our wedding festivities. BEN! and Adalia (otherwise know as Bendalia) are so in love, I don’t think they’ve even noticed. BEN!’s mom and Oma arrived last night and¬†Chuck’s brother and sister have arrived from Calgary. Coordinating family from three different countries (US, New Zealand and Canada) makes for some interesting and complicated days, let me tell you.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



  1. jean

    I am a relative newcomer to this blog, and have been enjoying it thoroughly. But I don’t understand how Ben became BEN! ??? There must be a story there that I’ve missed.

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