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Wedding Plans 2014



People keep asking me how wedding plans are going and usually I’m thinking…”Shoot, I’m supposed to be planning something?!” BEN! and Adalia seem to have things under control, and since they are choosing a fairly untraditional wedding, I probably wouldn’t be much help anyway.

Apollo, though? He’s got plans. We’ve been trying to prep him on his “important job” as ring bearer. We’ve been telling him how he’s going to get to wear cowboy boots and a cowboy shirt and carry the rings…and that’s all fine and dandy, except somewhere along the way he decided he was actually going to “pass out beer” to the guests, not carry the rings.

I kid you not. The boy is convinced his important job is to “pass out beer“. Never mind no one is planning on having beer at an eleven am wedding where both the bride and groom are too young to actually consume alcohol.

He’s also a bit confused about his new relationship to BEN! We’ve been telling him once Adalia and BEN! get married (and lets not even get into the kissing bit- he was not happy to learn that was going to happen) BEN! will be his new big brother. He’s a smart kid though, and he keeps insisting BEN! will be his new dad.

“If Adalia and BEN! get married, then Adalia will be the mama and BEN! will be the daddy so he will be my new daddy!

And as I’ve said before, never argue with a three year old.



  1. Melpub

    I remember my best friend’s then four-year-old being the ring-bearer at our wedding . . . he kept pointing out, “I’ve got a clip-on tie!” (the height of fashion) and was rather cranky about me marrying this tall guy whom he’d sort of decided he maybe liked as long as the guy did not marry me. My husband-to-be actually had to bribe the kid with a little toy German police car to get him to talk to him at all. He did bear the ring proudly, but then scowled, and on the plane home told my mother that he really hadn’t liked it when I married that guy . . . .

  2. RaD

    I remember my kids saying some pretty off the wall things when they were littler, but Apollo takes the cake! Seriously, were your other kids this comical too, or is Apollo supposed to be a comedian when he grows up? 🙂

  3. Jodee

    My nephew was the ring bearer for a wedding when he was about the same age as Apollo. He kept running up to people saying “I’m the ring BEAR! Grrrrrr”

    • Liz

      Then kids always scream, BEN! whenever they sees him out of excitement…kinda a funny inside/outside it was told before in another post

  4. Heidi Wilson

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apollo’s take on life!! Thanks for sharing a bit about the wedding planning! I know you try to keep your older kids’ lives more private and I totally respect that but I’m SO curious to hear how the plans are coming along and I’m SO excited to see wedding photos! I REALLY hope the blogging bug bites Adalia 😉 as I would LOVE to hear news of her new life in New Zealand after the wedding!!

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