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Step2 Water Works Table Review

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Step2 Water Works Table Review

{I am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. No other compensation was provided.}

Not long after he was chosen this Water Works Table appeared at our door. Step2 Water Works Table Review 1

First off, the table took me a total of three minutes to assemble and no tools were needed. This is a major bonus for me. When I initially put it together, I was a little bit surprised by how short the table was. Once the kids started playing, however, I realized it was the perfect height. A one-year-old can stand and play comfortably and older kids can sit or kneel. Step2 Water Works Table Review

This Water Works Table has some great features. First off, the water tower will draw any child in. Who wouldn’t want to make those wheels spin? The table comes with two little sailboats and two cups for pouring which hook right on the edge of the table.

A plug for easy draining completes the table.Step2 Water Works Table Review

Avi (8) and Mordecai (11) love to set this up as the centerpiece of their home when they play “house”. Step2 Water Works Table Reviewstep2, water works table, step2 water works table, water table review, step2 review, step2 water works table review, water works table review, what is a good water table for kids?

Iris brought the two little boys she nannies over and they loved the table as well. As for the rice on the floor, this little guy was purposely throwing it out, but he’s only a year old. Apollo at age three knows not to spill it on the floor. The table is sturdy enough that this little guy was able to lean on it without it tipping at all.Step2 Water Works Table Review

Another great feature of this table is the little built-in “boat dock”.

Mordecai and Avi prefer to have this table filled with rice. Both have sensory issues and the rice seems to have a calming effect on them.  It is also great for hiding little cars and animals.Step2 Water Works Table Review

We have finally had a couple of days warm enough to take the table outside. While we really haven’t had an issue with water spilling in the house, enjoying the table in the warm sun is a treat!Step2 Water Works Table Review

These two three-year-olds loved working on their motor skills, pouring water. See how the table is the perfect height for little ones to pour water?Step2 Water Works Table Review

The only thing I did not like about this table, is the lower part has a tendency to lean a bit and will tip over if the kids are too rough. The pieces don’t click into place so it can be a bit tricky. Also, the two little boats that came with the table don’t float upright, they tip right over. Neither of these is a deal breaker for me, however. There is still plenty of fun to be had with this table.

This water table is sturdy, easy to assemble and compact. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sensory table or even just a little fun for their toddlers or preschoolers.



  1. Melpub

    Looks like a great product which mine, alas, are too old to enjoy . . . but I remember them enjoying features like this in German playgrounds, which tend to have large-scale waterworks, with towers and faucets and spinning devices that go this way when the water is poured in one direction and that way when it is poured in the other. . . Mom got a lot of work and reading done when they were playing with that.

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