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Thanksgiving 2015

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Thanksgiving in a large family

It has been our tradition the past few years to do a 1000 piece puzzle on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Last year we did a Candy Bar Wrapper puzzle by White Mountain. The kids loved it and it was challenging yet doable…so this year I went straight to Amazon and picked out a similar White Mountain puzzle but this time with COFFEE as the theme! 

We finished the puzzle last night shortly after dinner.

Kids at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was prepared, consumed and enjoyed. If you haven’t tried Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers you really should! They are so delicious and totally worth the effort spent to make them. 

Thanksgiving dinner in a large family.

You know what I’m thankful for? That we keep our Thanksgiving low-key. I don’t feel pressured to have the house perfect, the meals perfect or my children perfect. At age thirty-nine I am feeling too old for pretense. This is my home. This is our family. These are my children. We fight and leave messes and get lazy sometimes. There are holes in the walls and stains on the carpet. The holes will be fixed and the carpet replaced…but not just yet.

We spent the day enjoying each other’s company…playing games, talking and laughing. 

Large Family Thankgiving

My parents came over (Chuck’s parents will be coming down from Canada today). Judah is here for the holiday but we are really missing Keziah, Ezra, Boaz, Adalia and BEN!

Chuck has four days off! He’s been working six days a week for months, so this is truly something to be thankful for. This year we are soaking in family, imperfections and all. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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