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Why I Love My Children

How do people ever survive without these little (or not-so-little) people who add such humor and delight to our lives? If I weren't a mom, I can guarantee I would have some type of occupation that put me in the presence of these little people. Or, I'd befriend people with these little creatures. Or something.

Here are just a few of the reasons I love my children.

IMG_8838_6479 blog
They leave delightful little surprises like this around your house. Thanks, Tilly!

20100906_5896 blog
While running errands in our big, loud van, Enoch idly considered: "But Mom, if we were driving 40 miles and hour in the van, and I threw a ball forward, wouldn't it still be traveling at 40 miles an hour?"  I told him I couldn't explain it to him over the roar of my diesel van, but we'd do some research and talk about it later. Anyone willing to help a girl out and give me some leads on how to explain the theory of relativity to my ten year old son? Anyone have a great website or book aimed at children?

20100914_6288 blog
When Adalia (14) was asked the following question in an e-survey:

List two pieces of information that you learned from the technology. 

This was her answer:

I have been able to learn about the C-section rates at difererent hospitals, including St Joe's.

20100906_5904 blog
Hezekiah (6) was asked in the same survey about a certain book he read. His answer was:

I like the book 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones but I don't like that it starts out  "Five minutes before she died, Grace Cahill changed her will."

Ah yes, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by these little creatures all day, every day? Its worth every piece of dirty laundry and every stepped on lego.


  1. Kat

    The Mythbusters have done some great practical experiments the Enoch might like. In “Exploding Bumper” in the 2009 season the build team tested to see if arrows fired from horse back would go faster and therefor penetrate farther. And in “Spy Car Escape” from the 2010 season the build team tried firing a soccer ball out of the back of a vehicle at the exact speed the vehicle was traveling forward to see if it would drop straight down. Both of these episodes are available for free in CastTV, here:

  2. Erica

    ‘Every stepped on lego’: I have a DUPLO LEGO box in my room. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped on them (ouch), and I don’t even have kids! 😀

  3. Kat

    Not spam, I’m a real person, Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter, etc. Your family is adorable.
    I think that Mythbusters does a good job of making science accessible with practical demonstrations. Lately they’ve been tackling a lot of physics problems, which is great because physics is something that’s hard for a lot of people to grasp.
    I’m not sure that the language or demeanor is always something you’d consider family appropriate? But it could be great to pull out specific segments to engage some scientific curiosity.

  4. Jacey

    Ia gree with Kat. When I read this post, the first thing that popped into my mind was Mythbusters. They explain complicated things, using simple, clear ideas, and great experiments.

  5. Corrie

    You (and Tilly) need to check out the books by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann. “How are You Peeling?” and “Food for Thought” are some of my favorites.

  6. Angie

    Great post! =) Sometimes I get too uptight. I need to relax more. Thanks for the reminder. Life gets going to fast that I get spun off and don’t know how to get back on. Love the pictures!

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