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More Great Wolf Lodge Photos

Just because.

20100913_6110 blog
Tucker (4)

What is there to say about Tucker? He's always been on the wild side. Not hyper, just loud and a wee bit wild. I have many notes in his scrapbook about how noisy he was as a baby. Even as a baby, if there was any loud noise (vacuum, music, siblings) he would raise his voice and yell out of sheer joy. Well, you can imagine how much he loved the water park. Noise, water, slides, people. He was in heaven. Its funny, because as a baby and toddler he was a Mama's boy…but now, not so much. At Great Wolf he came down off of a slide and still high from adrenaline, he marched right up to some twenty year old guy threw back his shoulders and shouted:

"Yeah? Well I bet I've gone down more water slides that YOU!

Flinging his arm out and pointing at the guy's face.

Thankfully, it was a loud park and the poor guy just saw some little kid yelling…but really, who does that?

 20100913_6123 blog 

The Pack 'O Boys

20100913_6135 blog
Jubilee (7)

Her favorite ride? The Howling Tornado…or as Mordecai, Hezekiah and Tucker called it, the "Halloween Tornado".

20100913_6133 blog
Apollo (2 months)

Doesn't he look like he's dying to go in the pool?

 20100913_6101 blog
 Tilly (12), Devon, Owen and Kalina (9)

And yes, its that Owen!

20100912_6224 blog
My first and last born. How sweet!

20100913_6154 blog
That's all my friends. If you want to see anymore, you'll have to stop by for a visit and look through our scrapbook!  


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