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Our Great Wolf Lodge Adventure!

It began as a Girl Scout trip…the girls earned enough money for a trip to Great Wolf Lodge…It was going to be a relaxing two days with just my Girl Scouts (Adalia, Tilly, Kalina, Jubilee) and Apollo….but then a couple of families had to cancel last minute which left enough open spaces for me to bring all of my children. What a crazy opportunity! Chuck wasn’t able to go because of work, and we decided not to take Avi (she has sensory issues and gets over stimulated very easily- its exactly the type of environment that she hates). So last minute I decided to take an even dozen with me. 

20100912_6184 blog
Hezekiah (6) Mordecai (8) and Jubilee (7)….looks like they’re having fun!

20100912_6189 blog
Peter, Judah (13)  Joseph and Boaz (16)

The deal was sweetened even more by the fact that the boys’ best friends got to come along as well…Bridget (who is my other Hilary) offered to watch my big boys while I took the Girl Scouts to Great Wolf…so when the other families cancelled, she ended up taking one of the extra rooms and helping out with my boys. Yay, for Bridget…

20100912_6169 blog
And Apollo? He did awesome. All babies it seems either love or hate riding in the car. Apollo unfortunately is the latter. I was, quite frankly, a bit worried about a 3-4 hour trip by myself with a carseat screamer…Apollo amazed us all by sleeping the entire trip! He awoke briefly twice, but Enoch was able to sing him back to sleep. We drove for three hours straight with no stops (a miracle considering the number of young children in my van). He did awesome at the park. He loved the pool, stretching out to kick…dreaming I’m sure of his long stay in my womb. I brought my parents along to help with Apollo. My mom sat pool side with him which gave me a chance to go on the rides with my other children. 

20100912_6198 blog
Enoch (10) Nolan and Peter 

I barely even saw my boys in the water park. They traveled in a pack from slide to slide. The few times I crossed paths with them, they sure seemed to be having fun!

20100912_6212 blog
Keziah (18) 

20100912_6225 blog
The wave pool

20100912_6219 blog
Jubilee (7) and Bridget 

20100912_6221 blog
Hezekiah (6) and Keziah (18) 

20100913_6152 blog
Tucker (4), Jubilee (7), Mordecai (8) and Hezekiah (6)

20100912_6256 blog
All of the last minute rearranging meant that our family had two rooms and only one parent. Keziah, Adalia, Tilly, Kalina and Jubilee stayed in one room, and I stayed in another with Judah, Enoch, Mordecai, Hezekiah, Tucker and Apollo…since we were already quite crowded in my room, Boaz stayed with the Adams. 

My room with the boys had a little log cabin with three bunks. The three little boys were thrilled with it. I unfortunately don’t have any photos of it (though Bridget does). It was extremely difficult to be mom and photographer on this trip…and being mom is a  higher priority for me.

20100912_6250 blog 

Tilly (11) and Adalia (14)


A Starbucks run was at the top of Adalia’s priority list…and she very generously bought hot chocolate for her two little sisters! 

20100912_6253 blog
Jubilee and Kalina were of course thrilled with the surprise!

20100913_6138 blog
Apollo (2 1/2 months) and me (34)  

Proof that I was indeed present on this little adventure…

More to come (depending on my energy level and children’s cooperation)….



  1. Corrie

    It is nice to (finally) see your face. You’re beautiful. :o) I’m glad you had a great trip.
    BTW, my 2 month old doesn’t take naps longer than 1 hour either. :o)

  2. Lou

    Adalia seems like the most beautiful young woman. In the ?2 yrs I’ve been reading this blog she has gone (looks wise) from child to adult. And all of your stories of her show her having real maturity and compassion. You must be so proud of her. (I know buying a hot chocky isn’t the height of compassion, but I thought of this for other reasons. And to little kids hot chockies ARE the height of awesomeness of sister!)

  3. Delia

    Apollo’s eyes look so brown now! I thought maybe you had gotten a 2nd blue eyed baby. This trip sounds so great – we went when it first opened and my kids are still talking about it, especially that tornado-like slide and the huge bucket of water that dumps out when it gets full. So glad you got to take the whole crew; this memory will be a highlight for them!

  4. Alexandra

    Wow! Something about this post really took me back to my childhood amusement park trips with family… And contrary to what you said, I think you did a great job photographing different parts of the experience! Apollo’s chin is amazing in both of those photos, he is such a milkfed baby. And is that a piercing in your nose in the last picture? If so, I hadn’t noticed it before!

  5. Teresa

    I would love to take my family there some day. I’m always pretty proud of myself when I am able to take my 4 kids somewhere and it goes smoothly, you are supermom!

  6. lara moore

    i am impressed with how adventurous you are!!! And yes, you are a very pretty mama:) You radiate a calmness that I could use a bit of some days, lol.
    I love your blog and read it daily. It makes me think of my father and how he is one of 17! I have 5 and that can wear me out:)
    Thanks for sharing all that you do,
    Blessings, Lara

  7. Elizabeth

    Have heard alot about that place, glad you were able to go with a dozen of yours. Looks like a blast! I’d love for my family to go sometime, my younger siblings would be in heaven.
    When you say that Avi hates that sort of environment, does she actually not like it and realize that it bothers her? My youngest sister gets overstimulated and goes bonkers, but she laughs hysterically and has a great time. (We have the joy of trying to contain it though!)

  8. Beth

    We went to the GWL in VA this past year,what a neat place!They have homeschool deals(FYI).I love your photos!Apollo is getting big!Our 4 month old is getting big fast too!

  9. Carolynn Slocum

    We have been there twice and the children LOVE it! We only go when they have their homeschool discount days, makes it much more affordable. How fun to go with Bridget.

  10. Esme

    Love the photo of Apollo in the pool – adorable! It looks like you took my advice and headed up to Target for the swimshirt! Is that where you got it?
    By the way, that hot pink color looks gorgeous on Keziah! Is that a swimsuit or a tank top?

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