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4th of July 2017 {Large Family Recap}

4th of July recap: 2017

4th of July 2017 {Large Family Recap}

4th of July recap: 2017

The 4th of July.

Some call it Independence Day.

Some see it as a holiday, an excuse to barbecue.

Others (namely, parents) find it a night of torture.

The Purge, if you will.

Those of us with small children remain inside, huddled under the covers, willing the explosions away.

(if you’re wondering why we didn’t just go outside and watch the fireworks…well, we live in a valley, surrounded by trees. We couldn’t actually see the fireworks, we could just hear and feel them.)4th of July recap: 2017

I have survived 21 years of July 4ths as a parent.


Who’s idea were the fireworks, anyway?

And in the summer, when it isn’t dark until 11 pm?

4th of July recap: 2017

For twenty-one years I have survived the night of the fourth as my babies/toddlers/little kids can’t fall asleep because of the noise and house shaking. We have dealt with varying degrees of fear/grouchiness and excitement.

By the time my youngest child is old enough to not be disturbed by late-night fireworks, I’ll be too old to hear the fireworks anyway.4th of July recap: 2017

July 5th, Apollo was suffering from a severe case of Post-Holiday-Madness.

It was not pretty. I was not pretty.

Can we just do away with the fireworks, already?4th of July recap: 2017

The day was good.

We spent a few hours at the lake….our favorite place in the summer. 4th of July recap: 2017

The evening was spent with friends from church.

We had burgers, coleslaw, and sparklers.4th of July recap: 2017

And smores. Always smores.4th of July recap: 2017

This, my friends, is what a seven-year-old looks like as he tries to sneak a marshmallow without anyone noticing. I noticed. And so did my camera. 4th of July recap: 2017

Apollo is still complaining about his lack of sleep due to fireworks.

Me? I plan to spend the next 300 days recovering from the 4th.





  1. Karen

    We also dislike the noise of fireworks here. Especially when some people (even though it’s illegal in our state) like to shoot them off in their backyards. Not on the Fourth, but days before the Fourth.

    Our usual tactic is to sell the Fourth as a special movie night–we let the kids (even littles) stay up late and we watch a movie turned up loud enough to distract from the fireworks. Usually by midnight the fireworks are done and so is the movie and we all go to bed (baths having been taken before the movie starts).

    • Renee

      I hate letting my kids stay up late…I’m a morning person and I like my kids in bed nice and early. Sounds like a good tactic, though.

  2. Emily

    Yeah…I like watching them, we can see a lot from our place, but they are mostly annoying. People couldn’t decide what night to do them around here. They started on Saturday and kept up every night through the 4th. It was ridiculous. I milk my cow every night at around 10pm, and the worst explosions were just then because it was dusk. The cow was nervous and wouldn’t let her milk down, so I got less than one gallon all those nights when I should have been getting over two gallons, and she was uncomfortable from being overfull, which made her even more grumpy, and she gets grumpy if you milk her early or late, so that wouldn’t fix things either…I was so glad Wednesday when there were no fireworks. The neighbor’s dog got so freaked out about them that she ran away, and they still haven’t found her. It was just not a good 4th of July in these parts.

  3. Davene Grace

    That’s too bad about the fireworks. 🙁

    But aside from that, when did Avi get so tall??? Is she really that much taller than Tilly, or is the picture deceiving?

    And also, that picture of Apollo is HILARIOUS!!!!! I’m so glad you captured that moment. He will just LOVE seeing that in 10 or 20 or 30 years! 😉

    • Renee

      She isn’t actually *that* much taller than Tilly, it is the way they are standing. Avi is, however, taller than me!

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