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Best of 2014 in Blog Posts

I thought it would be fun the first day of 2015, to review my top five posts on my blog last year. I was quite surprised when I got the report from WordPress! So here they are, my top five viewed posts from 2014.

010313_8943-blogGroove Book App {Product Review} (11,693 views)

I reviewed the Groove Book App in January of 2013. The company went big later in the year, and suddenly my views for this post went sky-high as people searched for reviews before registering. I still get hits on this post most days.

fun-engagement-photo Too Young to Get Married? (4,774 views)

The post where I explained our reasoning for allowing our 18  year old daughter to get married was (not surprisingly) a well-viewed post. I knew plenty of people wouldn’t understand or “approve” of our decision, but honestly, don’t care 🙂

 Despicable Me Party (5,062 views)

Tucker’s eighth birthday  party was a Despicable Me themed party. Despite not knowing anything about creating “pinnable”  images back then, this post has been very popular on Pinterest.

And Then They Were Married (4,041 views)

The post about Adalia and BEN!’s wedding was, predictably, popular. If you haven’t read the post and watched the video I made of the day, you should go view it now. Such amazingly happy memories.

Medical Record Errors

The post I wrote about medical record errors got a lot of attention all over the web. I found links to this post on medical transcriptionist sites, medical sites and more. If you haven’t read this post yet, you really should.

How many of those blog posts have you read? Did any of those “top 5” surprise you? I was surprised by the popularity of all of them except for the ones about BEN! and Adalia’s wedding.

Here’s to an amazing 2015.


  1. Melpub

    Those were wonderful posts: no surprise to me people viewed them. Each one either addresses a problem or offers a happy story or rather happy ending (young love! true love!). I am also surprised at what people view on my blod. I never thought a post on Bradley Manning would interest anyone other than myself, but the title I gave it (“The Unmanning of Bradley”) apparently gave some the impression that it was porn. Which is isn’t. So I guess I had a lot of disappointed readers that day.

  2. RaD

    I likely read them all, since that’s what I do LOL! Even when I take a computer break when I come back I’ll catch up!

    But I do want to point out that 2015 is just beginning. So I doubt that these are your top posts of 2015! ;0)

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