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Big Words For Little Geniuses Review: Your Preschool Will Be Delighted

Big Words for Little Geniuses review
Big Words for Little Geniuses Review

Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan and James Patterson

An Alphabet Book You’ll Love as Much as Your Kids

I can tell you straight up I love this book. Geared toward 3-6 year-olds it i full of big words and their meanings along side whimsical art that will please your preschooler.

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Big Words for Little Geniuses Review

Most of us know that preschoolers can and do memorize favorite books, TV shows, jingles, songs (Baby Shark, anyone?), and absorb information like a sponge. So why not expand their vocabulary with books with big words?

Big Words for Little Geniuses Review

A New Kind of Alphabet Book

This is an alphabet book like you’ve never seen it before. Big Words for Little Genuises is full of twenty-six BIG words that will delight your preschooler.

Forget A is for apple and B is for Ball.

How about A is for arachibutyrophobia and B is for Bibliomania?

Vocabulary is Linked to Intelligence

Did you know vocabulary is actually linked to intelligence? Vocabulary doesn’t just help children do well on verbal exams. Studies have solidly established the correlation between vocabulary and real-world ability”.

In addition, people who have a larger vocabulary read more books and understand more of what they read. All of this leads to more learning. You are already reading to your child, so why not add in a book that teaches them (and you) some new words?

This books is defintely worth adding to your home library.

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  1. bemis

    This book looks great! On a similar theme, I ordered Marie’s Words (think vocabulary flashcards, but soooo much better!) several months ago, and just pulled them out yesterday to start using with my young kids. I’m totally not a flash card person, but these use funny pictures to create memory of the words and meanings (mnemonics). The kids are enjoying making up various games to play with the cards already. I foresee these being one of our favorite long-term finds! Timberdoodle includes them in their sixth-grade curriculum.

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