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Camp Chef Extendable Roasting Stick Review

Extendable Roasting Stick Review

While I purchased the extendable roasting stick set myself, this post contains affiliate links so you can buy them too!

Extendable Roasting Stick Review

Camp Chef Extendable Roasting Stick Review

We love camping as a family. We love being together, being outdoors and gathering around the campfire.

You know what we don’t love? Flaming hot pieces of sharp metal in the hands of joyous, over-tired small children. This year while shopping for our Oregon Coast camping trip my husband spotted these Camp Chef Extendable Roasting Sticks and bought a box. We gave them a good workout at both our church campout and our trip to Oregon. Short story? We loved them!

Extendable Roasting Stick Review

Camp Chef Extendable Roasting Stick:


  •  Rounded edge makes these poke free! No more worries about poked out eyeballs.
  • Extendable. I love this feature. You can easily adjust these so that you can be in that comfort zone: roasting marshmallows or hot dogs without melting your face off.
  • Easy to store. These camp with a drawstring bag so they can be stored away cleanly and safely.
  • Wooden handles for comfort.


  • I really don’t have any complaints about these. They have survived two camping trips with our crew and they are rough on things.

Extendable Roasting Stick Review


We have been totally happy with these. We loved our first set so much we went out and bought a second one. I am giving these 5 out of 5 stars: We love them and want to buy them for all our friends. 



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