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TETON Sports Universal Camp Pad Review

Teton Camp Pad Review

We have been camping with our large family since 2005. We have camped nearby by and far away. We have camped in a trailer and camped in tents. In a lot of ways, camping is ideal for large families…but if you’re camping, you want to have the right supplies. We are excited to be reviewing some great camping options. If there is something specific you would like us to review, be sure and leave a comment.

Teton Camp Pad Review

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Last year we went on a six-day camping trip to the Oregon Coast. Previous to that, the longest we have camped with our family was three nights. As soon as our campground was reserved my husband said, “We have got to buy new camping pads. I am not sleeping for a week on the ones we have“. We did a ton of research on Amazon and settled on the TETON Sports Universal Camp Pads.

TETON Sports Universal Camp Pads:


  • Sturdy: These camp pads have thick, polyurethane foam on the inside and double brushed canvas.
  • Comfortable: These pads have two-inch thick foam with both my husband and I found thick enough to keep us comfortable on the ground.
  • Easy to roll and store: I really love the built-in compression straps that make this simple to roll up. A small PVC pipe on one end makes rolling these up a breeze. The camp pads also have a built-in handle to make carrying easy.
  • Lightweight: Weighing in at six pounds, this is obviously too big and bulky for backpacking, but perfect for car camping.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.


The only con I could find about these camp pads is they are large. This may be a concern if you have very little storage room for camping supplies. Last year we managed seven kids and all of our camp gear for a week in our 15 passenger van, so I double this would be an issue for many families.

Conclusion: Both Chuck and I love these Teton Universal Sports Camp Pads. They are big, but only because they are sturdy and comfortable. We would love to buy these for all of our friends, so I am giving it a5 out of 5 stars.

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