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Cooking for Kiwis

You probably remember that Adalia spent summer 2011 in Honduras with Teen Missions International. One of her teen members, Ben, and his brother, Aaron, are visiting the US from New Zealand. They are due to arrive here at our house on September 17 (yes, the same day Chuck and I will be in Seattle with Apollo getting his new mic-key). Aaron will be here only a few days, but Ben will be with us for almost ¬†two weeks. In preparation for Apollo’s procedure and their arrival, we have been filling the freezer.

{You can read about Adalia’s adventures in Honduras on Blogging by the Dozen: Honduras Part I and Honduras Part II}

So far we have made:

4 batches of Chicken Curry

Chicken Gumbo

2 pans of lasagna

3 pans of Chicken Enchiladas

{By the way, I’ve finished ¬†transferring most of my recipes to the main page here. If you click on Large Family Recipes you should be able to just click on the recipe you want to view. I plan to do the same for themed parties we’ve had and Adoption Stories. Please bear with me while I try to make this site as user friendly as possible}


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  1. Jo

    This is such a good idea! I need to get back into this. I find myself, so many evenings, with nothing for dinner. I dont have much that is “quick food” as we make most of our food from scratch. That can be very frustrating at 6:30 at night when I am exhausted, we end up eating pancakes too many nights.

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