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Sunday Stroll: Hiking with Kids

family hike Yesterday afternoon we went on a family hike with friends. We only took along six kids; Tucker had a fever and stayed home with Judah (who had homework) and Mordecai and Kalina. Chuck hasn’t been hiking with us in over a year, so it was a fun treat to have him along.

family hike

Apollo was excited to go along and even more excited that a pair of long johns finally fit him. Never mind that we needed the shorts to hold them up. The long johns fit and he was hike

Greg brought along his camera, because neither one of us is about to head off on an adventure without our trusty Canons to record the hike family hike family hike

This trail is really more of a “walk” then “hike”. It is perfect for the younger kids and plenty of adventure is to be found for the older kids who want to explore. We stopped at the creek to admire the fish swimming along. We often find frogs and other aquatic creatures in here in the hike Apollo was animated and full of chatter on our hike. He had plenty of energy and loved having Chuck along. Unfortunately, he woke up about ten last night crying that his legs and feet hurt. We finally gave him some ibuprofen and he fell into a fitful sleep. I’m not sure if his muscles were sore (five hours after a hike seems a bit early for that) but it led to some pretty miserable hike

Avi and I took a moment to sit together during our hike and  I couldn’t resist getting a picture of her beautiful hike

family hike family hike

Sweet, adorable hikeOnce we were back at the van, I called Kalina and asked her to heat the soup I had pulled out of the freezer. While we were gone she took advantage of a near-empty house to make fresh rolls (her first ever) which went perfectly with our dinner. It was the perfect end to an almost perfect day.



  1. Tanya Redfield

    “We only took along six kids”. Love that quote. We only took 4 out to dinner yesterday and I thought it felt a little lonely! 🙂

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