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Tips for Helping a New Mom While Visiting a New Baby

Tips for helping when visiting new baby.

Giving birth is a big deal. Here are some tips on how to help a new mom when visiting the new baby.

Tips on being helpful when visiting a new mom.

Everyone Loves a New Baby…But Don’t Forget the New Mom

Everyone loves a new baby, am I right? They are squishy and squirmy and adorable. And who isn’t curious to see exactly what the new baby looks like? Will he have hair or be bald? Will she have mom’s nose and dad’s eyes? Mother Nature has made sure that babies have all the protective factors to keep them alive and it works well.

Tips to help new moms when you are visiting a new baby.

New Moms Have Just Gone Through Some Major Changes

But let’s not forget about those new moms. They just spend nine months gestating a new life, growing (and then shedding) an entire organand are producing milk for the new baby. Their bodies have just gone through a rapid series of physical and hormonal changes. They need some attention too.

All new moms need help after giving birth.

All Moms Need Help After Giving Birth

Whether they have had a long or short birth, homebirth or c-section, all moms needs some help. The first week the mom should be focusing on nothing except resting and feeding her baby. Whether you are family or just a friend, you can help.

Tips to help new moms. Me holding Abel.

Don’t Touch the Baby! Until You Have Washed Your Hands

No one likes to be sick but for newborn babies even a simple cold can be dangeous. It is quick and easy to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

A snack plate is a great gift for new moms.

Bring Food: Dinner, Snacks, or a Freezer Meal is Always Appreciated

If you are going to visit someone with a new baby, bring food. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A rotisserie chicken, a frozen meals, snacks for the kids. Anything and everything will help a new mom.

I made this snack tray for Tilly when she got home from the hospital. I set it next to her chair and she had a variety of healthy snacks to much on throughout the day. It was fun and easy to assemble and she certianly appreciated it.

Mom and dad holding newborn. Tips to help new moms.

New Mom Brain: Easy Ways You Can Help

I have been there myself. New baby, sleep deprived. Someone asks what they can do to help and I can’t think of a single thing. So here is a list of things you can offer a new mom.

Offer to run errands.

See if they need anything from the grocery store.

Ask if they have library books they need returned or anything taken to the post office.

Ask if you can throw in a load of laundry.

Fold a load of laundry or vaccum the floor.

Ask if you can take older children out for a while.

Offer to hold the baby so the mom can shower or nap.

These are all extremely simple ways that friends and family can help a new mom as she begins her journey in motherhood.

Tilly and Jared with newborn Abel.

Here you can download my free printable. This is perfect for posting on the door when you have visitors. Simply refer visitors to the page and hope they take the hint.

If you haven’t seen them yet, Tilly’s birth photos are posted over at Little Earthling Photography. I also have an amazing Birth Resource Guide which is perfect for all expecting moms.

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