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Hezekiah the Artist

20100217_1464 blog

This is how I found Hezekiah (5) this morning, busily working on his newest creation.

20100217_1465 blog
Let's look a little closer shall we? Ah, our wood stove and only form of heat in our house. A vital piece to be sure. 

20100218_1460 blog 

I loved how he was studying it. How including the details, such as the broom, logs and even the light streaming in the window.

20100218_1458 blog
He's an artist for sure. I can't wait to see the drawings he does from Mars. 




  1. Renee

    Yes, Hezekiah was reading at age 4. I think he is benefitting the most from our drawing lessons right now because of his age. He is learning drawing skills write along with math and handwriting.

  2. Renee

    No updates on baby names…not that wed tell what the name was (we always keep that a surprise) but we certainly havent settled on anything. I have one girls name that I like, and Chuck hasnt vetoed it yet. We have a few boys names we are considering. Chuck never sees any particular hurry in coming up with names.

  3. Debbie

    Great artist! I also have one at my house and she is 7. My 5 year old likes to create new things and find out how things work. Your wood stove is similar to our and we go through about 5 face cord of wood each winter. It sounds like you, too, live in a cold place?

  4. Jessica

    I assume that you have a pretty good sized house, seeing that you have a large family. How is one wood stove able to heat your entire home? Do you have cold winters in your area? I am in Michigan and it is really cold! : )

  5. Renee

    Oh thats a good question, and I just realized my statement was unintentionally misleading. We actually have two of that exact stove, one upstairs, one down. I should have said, wood stoves are our only source of heat not this wood stove. BTW, the house is 2,900 square feet (someone would have asked that next 🙂

  6. Delia

    He’s even made the stove 3-D – amazing! Do you keep some of their work? I have 3 drawers and keep things I like that they make at school, then we go through it together at the end of the year and keep a few select items, mostly artwork. Then each kid has a tote in the attic for their keepsakes.

  7. Lou

    That is great. I took my best friend’s 3 kids and my partner’s son to a drawing workshop in the holidays (here we have just had hols). The guy doing the class was a teacher librarian normally, but his passion is art and teaching kids to draw. He was really fantastic. And it was interesting to see the same pics at the end of a workshop from a 5 yr old, 9 yr old, 10 yr old and 11 yr old!
    Hezekiah definitely has a lot of talent with drawing. A portion of my thesis at uni was about children’s development of drawing. It’s fascinating to watch. And he’s well above his years in learning to look and draw what he sees, rather than follow a schema of what a fireplace “should” look like. You must be so proud.
    Oh, and congratulations. i’ve just logged on to find you had a baby! Can’t wait to catch up and read about it!

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