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Homeschoolers in Public School

A few of you have asked on my Facebook page how the children are adjusting to school. Overall, it’s been just fine. Jubliee has enjoyed meeting up with her friends from fourth grade. I warned her to keep an open mind; that some girls who were “mean” back then may very well have changed and that people who didn’t like each other in fourth grade might be best friends in sixth. She came home and thanked me for the warning. She said some of the friendships did surprise her. IMG_9308

Hezekiah really misses having hours on end to read every day. He is in 5th grade and has about three times the amount of homework as Jubilee in 6th. I have started a homework routine from day one. When they get off the bus, I have a snack at the table and they all sit down to do their homework. Surprisingly, this has motivated Mordecai to do his homework…some days. IMG_9310

Tucker loves being back in the busy, social environment of school. He has always been the polar opposite of Hezekiah; loud and boisterous to Hezekiah’s quiet, inward reflection. He loves being with his friends and being kept busy with, well, busy work. He loves the story from first grade where he had his math page completed before his teacher was even finished passing them out to the class. He said that happened again this year and his teacher said, “It looks like I need to find some work to keep you busy“. He was glowing when he told me that story. IMG_9315

Academically the kids have had no issues so far. They just finished up their second week and have so far been able to pop right in. Jubilee did tell me yesterday, “Mom, one of my spelling words is inappropriate“…when I walked over to see, sure enough, it was I-N-A-P-P-R-O-P-R-I-A-T-E. That girl has a great sense of humor.


Nearly every day I am reminded of why my children are in school. I am still having a minimum of three days a  week of appointments between my children. Every single time I am at an appointment with one of my children I am so thankful that the others are in school being taught. Life was hard when I had five children ages five and under. Life was harder when I had ten kids under the age of the, but, I stayed home with that group of children. I had appointments for them once or twice a month at most. We ventured to the library and parks on occasion, but for the most part we were home all day, together.IMG_9309-3We read mountains of books each day, cooked and baked together, built with blocks and played, played played. The house was often trashed, but we were together learning and playing. That life has little resemblance to my life now with the doctors, counselors and hospitals that are now routine.

It is sad, I am mourning that loss, but this is reality right now. I am so glad, when I’m at appointments, that my children are being supervised and educated.

It is truly a gift.



  1. simplyisis

    I have been there 😉 After 5 years of homeschooling 4 kids out of 6, we moved to another state and put them back to school for different reasons… Im still in grief and its been 3 years hihi! But they are happy with their new social life so we have new kind of family time all together. My baby is starting school this September and she is all excited! For me its another story lolll 😉

    Glad to read your sweet ones are adapting well and that you survived to this loss hihi! Telling you, been there lolll!


  2. Wells

    Life is crazy! It is brave of you to share and be raw here, people need that. It’s really nice to read that your children are doing well. And you gave them such a great foundation, how could they not. I was in public school off and on growing up, and the good years were marked mostly by having good Christian friends to be there with me. So… I am sure that your children will be that needed friend to someone else this year! Blessings!

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