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Ice Cream Social

Today the kids’ school had an ice cream social where they were able to go meet their teachers and see their classrooms. Hezekiah surprised me by not being the least bit shy. He was happy and relaxed. We found his class first. He’ll have the same teacher Mordecai had last year (when he wasn’t in his intensive learning class). I perused Hezekiah’s math book and he’s done everything in it…he finished 3rd grade math here at home in the spring. I am hoping they find something suitable or move him up a grade.

We found Tucker’s class next. He surprised me by being nervous and shy…you can see that in the picture. When his teacher came to talk to him he looked right at her and said, “We’re only coming here because my baby brother has a heart defect”.

Jubilee’s class was next. She was a bit nervous, but had a nice chat with her teacher.

Mordecai, who attended the school all last year, was rather blase’¬†about the whole thing.

Avi refused to let me take her picture, but I caught this one as she darted behind Jubilee. She is nervous but excited. She will start her day in the intensive learning class, then head over to a typical first grade classroom (not Tucker’s). The amount of time spent in each class will be determined by her progress.

I rarely mention it on the blog, but she and Mordecai both have some significant learning issues stemming from their prenatal environments.

After seeing the classrooms and teachers, the children enjoyed ice cream and the playground.

The kids start school Tuesday, September 4. I’m going to miss them like crazy and miss homeschooling them, but I’m hopeful and confident they will flourish in school.



  1. liz

    That’s great you got to visit…I had to smile when Tucker said the reason he was there..a teeny tiny bit hostile:)( like we are outta here at the end of school yr)..ALOT said “I care about my little brother” I bet you can move Heze up a grade if there is room..
    I casually mentioned to Brad his CAT score and asked him what he thought the public school would be able to do. He looked at me and said “Liz..he is reading at a post high school level…and look at his other scores..what do you think?” So ..maybe he gets moved up and learns a thing or two. Besides the actual educational stuff (which he is so clearly ahead at..wish I had that relief )I would maybe (at times) focus on the “experience” public school is giving him. He will meet new people, see new things, be exposed to different teaching styles, collaborative learning etc…

    You have been teaching them with your children’s each individual learning style in mind. You have been able to pick curriculum to fit those needs. They are able to have your undivided attention at times when learning. They get as much time as they need before moving on. Your kids are way ahead because of a gen public school who has 30 kids and one teacher.
    I never knock teachers, it is just impossible with higher ratios to replicate what we can in the home. I am not saying just let things be or be on auto pilot. But the public school will only be able to do so much in those hrs to get your kids even MORE If they have the material I am sure they will though!
    Is it important that an 8 yr old is doing 4th or 5th grade math this year? It may be..and if it is.. do your best to make that happen:) You are the best at that.

    I know you told me how big the school was..still curious the ratio of kids to teachers in classroom. It looks so BIG and bright and nice. My sons K class was smaller than our family room and dusty and crammed full of stuff. Hard for a kid who needs less stimuli.

    How exciting Renee! This is only for as long as you want/ need it!!! Yeah!!!

  2. Susie

    Looks like a nice school! I would definitely talk to the teacher about moving him up in math. Even if they won’t let him go to the 4th grade math class maybe he could use the 4th grade mathbook in his own classroom? One of my kids goes up a grade for math and reading, and it works really well for him. Reading on the other hand is going to definitely be trickier. Moving him up a grade won’t matter at all, he’s so far ahead. At a minimum you could find out how much free reading time they have, and make sure he has a book more appropriate to his level for that. I’m really excited to hear how the year goes. I think it will be a fun year for them, and (hopefully) years from now will be able to look back fondly on that year they spent in public schooL!

  3. Lou

    I’ve recently started teaching again, and am lucky to teach a class of deaf kids so it’s just me and 5 of them. 4 of them doing the “normal” level of work (grade 3-4) but I have a 7 year old (grade 2) who does grade 4 maths and grade 6 English. I have been letting him practically TEACH the science we do as he knows it all! He is seriously genius material except that his face to face communication skills are very very poor as are his social skills. So you know what I figure? He is SMART, and where I can (which is most places), I will be extending him, but my goals are social and fine motor. This kid will learn the rest despite whatever I do.

    I am sure Hezekiah is the same. I guess you just have to make sure he isn’t bored or resentful. And I guess make sure you don’t have a teacher with the attitude of one I used to work with “if he wants to attend a grade 4 class, he does the grade 4 work, or else he can go back to the special school”. This for a kid with CP but also behavioural issues….and all I had suggested was a handwriting book a couple of grades below to help the kid out….

    And if you DID have a teacher like that, then if he finishes the work she wants him to and says “what do I do now?” enough times, she will get annoyed at having to prepare extra and be happy to say “take out your Yr 4 or Yr 5 book now”!!

  4. Wendy Simmons

    i will be praying for you. the kids look excited. we have at a time or 2 used the public school system with our children (mainly one) who has significant learning difficulties (CAPD). i totally get your missing them & even crying over your decision. as you know, God is in charge & y’all are doing what is best for everyone for the time being. it’s not easy to the hard thing – even if it’s the right right thing at the time. praying many blessings upon all of y’all.

  5. Heidi

    I have never commented before but I have been reading for a long time. Your kids seem great and I’m sure they will adapt to whatever is next on their journey.

    I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned it before but are your older children working toward a congressional medal? It seems like something they may enjoy and has so much learning potential built in.

  6. Susan Watson

    You are sooooo wise! You are doing such a great job with your children and you are doing what is best for your family. This school looks very nice and your children will adapt. God will provide a way. If it doesn’t work at here then he’ll find another way. I am still praying for sweet Apollo to have complete healing. Please take care of yourself too! Love in Christ,

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