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Improving My Food Photography

This post contains an affiliate photographyMy new favorite photo of Apollo. Can you blame me? So serious. So intent. Almost pensive. As I stared this image, trying to think of what to write, I suddenly remembered a photo of him as a tiny baby…so I searched back on my blog and found this:

food photography

Apollo is four and a half in the first  picture and two and a half months in the second picture.

Such a beautiful face with beautiful brown eyes….Take lots of photos of your children, please.

One of my photography goals for the last two years has been to improve my food photography. Even though I stated that as a goal in 2014, it didn’t improve. I tried staging food photos once or twice, but was underwhelmed by the results. Then, when I went to BlogHer Pro ’14 I met up with a bunch of food bloggers, including my roomie, Heather. I picked their brains and realized I needed to purchase two items: a macro lens and a few vinyl backdrops.

I bought the lens in December and finally ordered a few vinyl backdrops. These are only 2×2, which makes them nice and portable. Not really big enough for people, but I couldn’t resist a few shots of my beautiful children.

food photography

Sweet, beautiful, clever Avi. Such a gift. Avi is doing better in school these days. She meets with a counselor once a week (which she loves) and is doing better with her behavior. I have contact with her teacher on a regular basis and she helps to reinforce concepts we are working on at home (no arguing, no eye rolling, no being disrespectful). Her teacher has her “helping” out in the Kindergarten class as a reward for good behavior. Avi loves younger children and having a leadership position is helping her blossom.smiling-african-american-boyMordecai is struggling most days, but he has a team of three people at school who love him and are committed to helping him. None of us know how the transition to 7th grade and Jr. High will go…thankfully he will have Jubilee with him to help him navigate.

So there you have it. A few photos. A few memories. A bit of an update.

I am working on a fun recipe post…I just need to take some “after” photos this afternoon then I’ll be ready to share. You won’t want to miss this one. One of the ingredients is:

improving your food photography



  1. Melpub

    About food photography: there is one very funny (short, but worth reading) description of it in Lorrie Moore’s short story, “You’re Ugly, Too!” The story is a fun one as well–sad but funny. In it, the sister of the main character does food photography.

  2. Heidi Wilson

    Thank you for the reminder to take LOTS of photos of my children! I do that anyway, but it is always good to have someone else out in the world reminding me that the moments are really and truly fleeting and we need to capture as many as we can!! 😉

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