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Missoula Children’s Theater Robin Hood 2019

Apollo as a horseman in Missoula Children's Theater Robin Hood

Our family has a long history with Missoula Children’s Theater…beginning when I was in high school and did a workshop at our school. Our kids have been performing with them locally since 2009. It is something of a tradition in our house. This year Apollo’s school performed Robin Hood.

Apollop in MCT's Robin Hood.

Apollo was cast as a horseman and he had so much fun practicing and performing he is already begging to be able to do the summer session.

Missoual Children's Theater Robin Hood.

Back in 2011 all of the kid from Adalia down to Hezekiah performed Robin Hood. It is actually one of my favorite Missoula plays.

Apollo as a horseman in Missoula Children's Theater.

I love how Missoula teaching the children the basics of acting and how to perform on stage. We have always encouraged our kids to participate in Missoula because we believe being able to speak or perform in front of a crowd is an important skill.

Apollo as a horseman in Missoula Children's Theater.

It has been fun to see Apollo grow and mature of the years. His first performance with Missoula, when he was in kindergarten, he had no idea what he was doing on stage. He didn’t sing or follow along with the motions…and when it was over, he got lost and couldn’t find the dressing room to change…as you can see, that has changed!

Apollo as a horseman in Missoula Children's Theater.

Do you have any experience with Missoula Children’s Theater?

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  1. Charlotte

    MCT is awesome! Some of my ten kids have performed, and we’ve been at it since around 2007.
    I’m always the piano accompanist, which makes the experience extra fun. 🙂

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