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When Four Year Olds Pick Baby Names

What happens when you let four year olds pick baby names. Tucker, age 4.

Tucker has a vested interest in this baby already. At four he understands that their is a baby in my tummy and that one day, it will come out.

He greeted me yesterday with these words:

“Mom, if the baby is a boy, it will be good”

Me: But what if it’s a girl? Won’t that be good too?

Him: No, because we only have three little boys.

I tried to explain that we already have seven boys and only six girls, so one more girl would even things out. He just doesn’t care…

But what he does care about is the baby’s name. Practically since day one he’s been saying he wants to name the baby Kung Fu Panda if it’s a boy (and no, he’s never even seen the movie) and Grandma Cindy if it’s a girl. He did waffle on his boy name choices just a little. For one whole day, he wanted to name the baby Garbage Truck but then switched back to Kung Fu Panda. And he had three days or so when he wanted to name the baby King Kung Fu Panda. But now, he’s back to plain old Kung Fu Panda.

Good thing he doesn’t get a vote in these things…


  1. Kelly

    We lived in Poulsbo, WA when our first 3 were born. While waiting for the third one, our oldest (about 4) asked me if we could name the baby Edgar Icihiro (after her favorite Mariners), I said, “Well it could be another siter.” To which she replied, “Well then name her Edgarina Ichiroda.” Sadly for her, I did not.

  2. joabair

    He isnt missing anything on the movie watching, I saw it at a friends house and it rates pretty high on the Wow thats the dumbest movie in the world scale. I mean its not bad as in a poor influence its just one of those movies that finds me with my mouth hanging open bc I forgot to shut it while staring at the screen thinking, okay yes but whats the actual point? My kids however, thought it was wicked cool. And I was called closed minded by family member or two, or five or something. I think its funny that Tucker wants to name the baby that! You would expect him to choose a character that he DOES watch or hear about in a book! How cute…

  3. Paisley

    LOL! When I was pregnant with my second child, a girl, our oldest, a boy wanted to name her after his two favorite things in the world: Motorcycle Waffle. We figured we could always call her “Mo” for short.
    He was three. I kept explaining to him that there was a baby in mommy’s tummy that was going to get bigger, and bigger and then come out and be his sister. He said he had a baby in his tummy, too. It was going to get bigger and come out his belly button. I took the opportunity to teach him about the anatomical differences between boys and girls.
    Soon after, we were at the bookstore. He picked up a book about birth, with pictures of babies in the womb, and said, “What’s this?” To my shock, he had found a picture of a woman on all fours delivering a baby, and just the baby’s head was showing. So I took a deep breath and said “Remember how I told you that babies get bigger and then come out the mommy’s vagina? Well, that’s what happening.” I turned the page. “And here the baby is almost all the way out. And here the baby is out and getting drinkies from the mommy.” Pause. “What do you think of that?”
    He answered emphatically, “Mommy, I DO NOT have a baby in MY tummy!”

  4. Mommaofmany

    When we adopted our children, we wanted the oldest to change his name. He was four. He was excited at the idea and promptly chose either “Samari Jack” or “G.I. Joe”. We made a list of acceptable names and he chose from those. 😉

  5. Joy Farr

    When we had our twins, my daughter picked out the names SnowFlake and RoseFlower…LOL…and my nephew wanted to name them St.Louis and Jose! Kids are so funny!!!

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