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Pure Rapture

When the rapture happens but the pizza is left behind too.

Earlier this week I was tied up at a really long birth. I called home and gave pertinent instructions to Kalina, including how to get dinner started.

While I sat in the waiting room of a hospital over an hour away from home, up for the second night in a row, I noticed a Facebook message…it was a group message between me, Adalia and my teens. And the chat had me laughing out loud.

It started with Enoch saying: Where is everyone? And why is there so much pizza?

Well…I was an hour and a half from home…I certainly had no idea.

Then I read this:

Judah: Haha

Adalia: No fair! I want some pizza!

Judah: Where were you hiding?

Adalia: Maybe the rapture happened.

Enoch:┬áHaha, the two people who can’t answer the question are the ones who saw it…

Tilly: I don’t know I’m babysitting.

Judah posted a picture of himself in his dorm eating pizza.

Then Enoch posted this:


Finally, Kalina chimed in: Well I guess I got left behind too…

It was at this point I checked my phone…and said: Wait, no one’s home? I didn’t get raptured!

So basically, my teens (and Adalia) totally made my night.

Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

And for the record, the rapture didn’t happen.

Enoch had a late class and Chuck put the kids (and himself) to bed.

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